These Athletes Came Back From Devastating Injuries Better Than Before

Sports make for some of the most gruesomely watchable television you’ll ever see. Like watching a horror film come to life, when a player’s body bends in a way it’s not supposed to, we all cover our faces and watch the screen through open fingers.

For many athletes, these injuries are career ending. But for a select few, they recover and return to the field or court. These athletes stand above the ground and deserve to be pointed out. You won’t believe what happened to Russell Westbrook before he was named MVP!

Giancarlo Stanton Takes A Fastball To The Face

giancarlo stanton.jpg

Photo Credit: Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Giancarlo Stanton makes baseball fun to watch. When he hits a home run, it’s a beautiful thing. It was not a beautiful thing when Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers hit him the face with a fastball.

When the disastrous injury struck, it wasn’t expected to be serious. It turns out getting hit in the face by a fastball is pretty serious, and Stanton suffered multiple facial fractures. Stanton came back stronger than ever and signed a record $325 million contract one year later. In 2018, he hit a home run off Fiers, getting his revenge.