These Are The Worst NFL Quarterbacks Of All Time

The quarterback is the most important position on the field. It’s also the toughest. After all, the quarterback is the engine that gets the team going, and the position doesn’t come without pressure and high expectations.

With a good quarterback, a coach (and the fans) can rest easier at night. But there are also the quarterbacks who can give you grey hairs. The kind that a fan base, coach, and team pray will eventually get it together for the franchise…but that doesn’t always happen.

Brady Quinn Failed To Meet Expectations

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Brady Quinn of Notre Dame didn’t give the Cleveland Browns what they needed — a quality quarterback. He didn’t really give them much outside of one good game during his rookie season.

Quinn played on seven teams overall and in that span only threw 12 touchdowns. Considering he completed just three passes over five years while on a $20.2 million contract, those were some expensive moves. Today you can find him as an analyst for Fox Sports. Let’s hope his analyst skills are better than his skills on the field.