These Actors Shared The Screen With Their Legendary Parents

It’s not easy to grow up famous, especially if you want to pursue the same field as your legendary parent. Some actors are up to the challenge of not living in their parents’ shadows, and even end up sharing the screen with them. Many actor heirs startoff with cameos in their parent’s films, like Liza Minnelli, who was only two when she performed alongside Judy Garland. Those who take well to the career sometimes end up directing their parent, like Emilio Estevez and Ben Stiller did with their famous dads. From tiny tots to seasoned performers, these actors shared the screen with their renowned parents.

Martin Played Charlie’s Father In Two Films And A Series

MovieStillsDB/Twentieth Century Fox
MovieStillsDB/Twentieth Century Fox

Charlie Sheen got some screentime at a young age, thanks to his famous father, actor Martin Sheen. As a young boy, Charlie appeared as an extra in Martin’s Badlands and The Execution of Private Slovik. The film that really showed their onscreen chemistry though was Wall Street, wherein they played father and son.

The actors teamed up again in the action film No Code of Conduct and the hit sitcom Spin City, both of which featured Martin “pretending” to be Charlie’s father.