These Actors Behaved Like Children While Shooting Movies

We’ve all heard the stories of actors who threw tantrums on movie sets. Sometimes these distractions cause more drama off screen than is seen by audiences on screen. Unlike the world of television where actors get fired for bad behavior, movies must keep filming, rain or shine. The last thing a studio wants to do is double its budget to re-shoot the entire film. From Bruce Willis to Shia LaBeouf, here are the worst of the worst to deal with on set. You won’t believe how many time Christain Bale dropped the “f-bomb” in one tirade!

Julia Roberts Earned A Devilish Nickname While Filming Hook

julia roberts hook.jpg

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Julia Roberts was nearly impossible to work with on Hook. The crew hated her so much they began calling her “Tinkerhell.” She was, of course, playing Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s most loyal sidekick. Too bad everyone would have preferred kicking her out the movie altogether!

Her awful antics don’t stop there. When her wedding with Keifer Sutherland was called off, she fled to Ireland. Steven Spielberg was furious when word got to him. He found a way to call her and threatened to fire her if she stayed in Ireland. Up next, find out when Bruce Willis stopped caring.

Bruce Willis’ Old Habits Die Hard

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Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

Bruce Willis wasn’t always a pain in the butt to work with. During the ’80s and ’90s, he was an action icon known for his gritty performances. By the time the new century rolled around, Willis had stopped trying. That’s what those who have worked with him say, anyways.

Kevin Smith, who directed him in Cop Out called his experience “soul-crushing.” At the wrap party, he thanked everyone except Bruce Willis, who he called out as terrible. Sylvester Stallone spilled the beans on Willis between Expendables films, saying “GREEDY AND LAZY ….. A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.”

Johnny Depp Punched A Location Manager For Doing His Job

Johnny Depp Punched A Location Manager For Doing His Job

Photo Credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

While filming City Of Lies, Johnny Depp got so upset with one of the movie’s location managers he reportedly punched them. The alleged incident happened when Greg Brooks failed to get a permit extended for a third time so the actor could continue shooting an extended scene.

Brooks was fired from the film a few days later after refusing to sign a release that would have waived his right to sue. Guess what? He’s now suing Depp for the violent outburst and getting him fired from the film. We think that’s pretty fair. Keep reading for the truth about how much method acting is too much.

Daniel Day-Lewis Is Too Method For His Own Good

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Photo Credit: Miramax

Daniel Day-Lewis is one of our greatest working actors. He is also one of the most difficult actors to work with. As a method actor, Day-Lewis stays in characters during filming, even when cameras are rolling.

That means when he played a disabled man in My Left Foot, he refused to get out of his wheelchair, forcing the crew to wheel him around wherever he went. Then, while filming Gangs of New York, he infuriated Liam Neeson by only calling him by his character’s name.

Katherine Heigl’s Behavior Derailed Her Career

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Photo Credit: Universal

We would feel sorry for Katherine Heigl’s lackluster career if her behavior wasn’t directly responsible for it. Breaking out on Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl transitioned to the big screen with Knocked Up in 2007. The movie was a big hit, but she criticized the production, claiming it was sexist.

Later, when Grey’s Anatomy went back into production, she claimed the writing wasn’t good enough to get her an Emmy. The show’s writers responded by writing her off the show, crushing her career. In two slides, learn how little it takes to set Christian Bale off on a rant of biblical proportions!

Val Kilmer Was Fired Three Days Into Filming

Val Kilmer Was Fired Three Days Into Filming

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Three days into filming The Island of Dr. Moreau, Val Kilmer was fired for being impossible to work with. According to director Richard Stanley, Kilmer was constantly fighting with people. This is why you should always be nice to everyone. Kilmer, unfortunately, did not learn his lesson.

After filming wrapped on Batman Forever, director Joel Schumacher called the actor out for being “childish and impossible.” By the time Batman and Robin came around, Kilmer was replaced with all around nice guy George Clooney. Like we said; it pays to be nice!

Christian Bale Drops 39 “F-Bombs” On An Unsuspecting Crew Member

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Photo Credit: Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers Pictures

Christian Bale, like Daniel Day-Lewis before him, dedicates himself entirely to his characters. While filming Terminator: Salvation Bale was enraged when the director of photography stepped into his “space.” He unleashed a verbal tirade on the poor guy, dropping a whopping 39 “f-bombs.”

After the incident became public, Bale said, “Hey, I did what I did. I’m not hiding from that. I went overboard. But there is an essential trust, and it’s not a tacit one, it’s a verbal one.” Yes, a verbal one. Indeed. Next, Gene Hackman gets mean on the set of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Gene Hackman Wasn’t So Royal With The Tenenbaums

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Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

Gene Hackman may look like a gentleman, but he was apparently a monster while filming the Wes Anderson film The Royal Tenenbaums. He was verbally abusive to everyone on set, and no one was brave enough to stand up to him. At one point he even told Anderson to “pull up your pants and act like a man.”

Anderson has taken some of the blame for Hackman’s behavior. He admitted to hounding Hackman to take the role for 18 months. That’s not an excuse to be excessively mean, though. Thank goodness Bill Murray was on set, even when he wasn’t needed, to make sure everyone was okay.

Lindsay Lohan Was A Mess Filming The Canyons

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Photo Credit: IFC Films

Lindsay Lohan was in desperate need of a comeback when she filmed The Canyons in 2013. Co-starring adult film star James Deen, the movie was a disaster the second cameras start rolling. Lohan’s behavior became erratic, causing frustration with the film’s director.

After the film bombed, Lohan was given another chance for a comeback with Liz and Dick. After that failed, one of the film’s producers said, “producing a movie with Lindsay is not for the faint of heart.” Ahead, we try and answer the question of how Shia LaBeouf keeps getting acting jobs when he literally stinks!

Shia LaBeouf Gets Crazier With Every Film

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Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Shia LaBeouf seemed innocent enough when he jumped from the Disney Channel to the big screen with Transformers. His innocence was sadly lost as major movie roles piled up. Working on the war film Fury, the actor stopped showering or taking care of himself, in general, to get into his character.

Then, while filming Lawless, he got into a fist fight with Tom Hardy. We don’t know who won but we have a hard time believing it was Shia. Have you seen Mr. Hardy’s arms in any movie since The Dark Knight Rises?