These Actors Behaved Like Children While Shooting Movies

We’ve all heard the stories of actors who threw tantrums on movie sets. Sometimes these distractions cause more drama off screen than is seen by audiences on screen. Unlike the world of television where actors get fired for bad behavior, movies must keep filming, rain or shine. The last thing a studio wants to do is double its budget to re-shoot the entire film. From Bruce Willis to Shia LaBeouf, here are the worst of the worst to deal with on set. You won’t believe how many time Christain Bale dropped the “f-bomb” in one tirade!

Julia Roberts Earned A Devilish Nickname While Filming Hook

julia roberts hook.jpg

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Julia Roberts was nearly impossible to work with on Hook. The crew hated her so much they began calling her “Tinkerhell.” She was, of course, playing Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s most loyal sidekick. Too bad everyone would have preferred kicking her out the movie altogether!

Her awful antics don’t stop there. When her wedding with Keifer Sutherland was called off, she fled to Ireland. Steven Spielberg was furious when word got to him. He found a way to call her and threatened to fire her if she stayed in Ireland. Up next, find out when Bruce Willis stopped caring.