The Truth Behind “American Chopper” Will Get Your Motor Revving

American Chopper was the first reality cable show of its time when it premiered in 2003. Viewers were instantly hooked on the successes, failures, and drama surrounding a father and son team running an Orange County motorcycle shop.

The show captured a ton of drama but there was even more happening when the cameras turned off. Behind the glitz and the celebrity guests, this is the untold truth about American Chopper you didn’t get to see.

Paul Sr. Attempted A Hostile Takeover Of The Family Business

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Paul Sr. might not have looked a businessman, but he was intent to get his son off the show and out of his shop, so he hit the books. Eventually, he found several loopholes in his contract with TLC that would allow him to get Paul Jr. off the show.

Not only did Paul Sr. realize he could kick Paul Jr. off American Chopper, but he also figured out a way to buy out his son’s stake in Orange County Choppers.