The True Cost Of A Cruise Might Leave You In Bumpy Waters

Going on cruises is a great way to travel the world without the boredom of flying or taking the train. The journey is the vacation, and everything else is just a bonus! When you book your ticket, that’s what you probably expect, anyway. Some parts of the cruise are included with the ticket. Other things, tragically, will cost you extra. A lot extra. In a few slides, you’ll find out how much Wi-Fi costs and see what we mean.

Alcohol Is Not Included With The Price Of Your Ticket

Cruise Ship Bar
Photo Credit: Anthony Weller/View Pictures/UIG via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Anthony Weller/View Pictures/UIG via Getty Images

Booze isn’t cheap at a bar on a Friday night, so it better be free on an expensive cruise, right? Wrong. Even if you buy an “all-inclusive” ticket, you’re probably still paying for your poison. Most “all-inclusive” tickets only include tap water (not bottled), milk, coffee, and juice.

If you know you’re going to go broke at the bar, some ships offer an extra package for unlimited drinks. This “per-day” fee usually costs around $50 and will let you drink mai tais and piña colada to your heart’s content.