The Pioneer Woman Has A Marriage Stranger Than Fiction

Ree Drummond has come a long way since starting her Pioneer Woman blog in 2006. Not only has she published best selling cook books since then, she has also become one of the faces of the Food Network with her cooking show The Pioneer Woman. Part of the charm of her show is how she includes her husband and children. Ladd Drummond, who Ree nicknamed “Marlboro Man” has stood by her side for the entire adventure. Their marriage is not as sweet as you might think, though. In fact, it might be downright strange!

It Was Love At First Sight

Ree met Ladd Drummond at a bar. For her, it was love at first sight. She revealed what made her fall for him in a conversation with The Pioneer Woman Magazine, “He was tall, strong and mysterious, sipping bottled beer and wearing jeans and cowboy boots.”

After staring at him awestruck from across the room for several minutes, Ree made her move. She mosied up next to him and said hello. Their conversation was brief. Ladd had to leave the bar to “cook Christmas turkeys for some folks in his small town.”