The One-Hit Wonders Of The NFL Throughout History

Of all the professional sports leagues, the NFL tops the list as one of the most difficult for athletes aiming for a long and successful career. Consistency, as well as staying healthy, and injury free, are only a few stress factors for professional football players. They constantly look over their shoulder to make sure a younger, aspiring star doesn’t come up and swoop their spot. But it happens, and many football players are done before they even got started. We’ve compiled a list of NFL players who left the game before you even got to know them. Some of these names should ring a bell.

Larry Brown The Super Bowl MVP


Larry Brown is a name that some have forgotten in football. Brown played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1991-1995. The defensive back had an amazing performance in Super Bowl XXX and wrapped up the year with MVP honors.

Brown also had a pretty good season that year in 1995: making six interceptions, two touchdowns, and 124 return yards. The following season, the Raiders took him from Dallas and he only started one game for Oakland in a span of three years. They cut him from his contract after just 12 games.