The Most Outrageous Things To Happen On Talk Shows

Death On Stage On The Dick Cavett Show


Photo Credits: Bachrach/Getty Images

While acting as host of The Dick Cavett Show, Cavett had numerous questionable moments on air, such as when actors Peter Falk, Ben Gazarra, and John Cassavetes came to the studio totally inebriated. However, the most shocking moment of his show was on September 18, 1970, when health advocate Jerome Rodale went on the show. After spending 30 minutes talking about the organic food lifestyle, Rodale was snoring loudly in his chair.

At first, it seemed to be some joke until they realized something was terribly wrong. After Rodale had just proclaimed that he had “never felt better in his life,” he had died on air at the age of 72 while the cameras were still rolling. Thankfully, Rodale’s death was never aired, although Cavett explained what happened in the next episode.

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