The Most Outrageous Things To Happen On Talk Shows

When it comes to televised talk shows, there’s no telling what might happen. The only thing that’s scripted are the points that the host wants to hit on. Everything else that happens is at the will of the guest or audience. While most guests and hosts manage to act respectfully and go with the flow of the show, that isn’t always the case. Whether it’s an all-out brawl with a white supremacist or people dying during filming, talk shows have it all. Here are some of the most out-of-control things that have ever happened during talk shows.

Dick Cavett had quite the shock when filming a standard episode for his show.

Morton Downey Gets Ruthless With Gid’s Only Stripper


Photo Credits: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

In the 1980s, Morton Downey Jr. had made a name for himself on television as the supposed “king of shock television.” The Morton Downey Jr. Show was known to strike up controversy, offend people, and would often spiral out of control because of Downey’s affinity to often getting hostile towards his guests. One particular incident featured Kellie Everts, the self-proclaimed “stripper for God,” and the episode even shocked some of Downey’s patrons.

In the episode, Downey completely derailed, calling her numerous demeaning names and even making physical contact with her. he repeatedly knocked her with his pelvis, broke her dress strap, and forcibly removing her microphone. Everts went on to file a $40 million damage claim suit for Downey’s humiliation and physical assault against her.