The Most Famous Presidential Mistresses

It seems like running the country would take up the majority of your time, but somehow, there have been more then a couple Presidents who found the time for some extra-marital affairs. From Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to the whole Monica Lewinsky saga, there’s been a fair share of presidential mistresses.

As much as some may want to believe that JFK and Bill Clinton were the only ones to be unfaithful to their families while in office, you’re VERY wrong. While many of these allegations haven’t been proven, it still might shock you to see some of the names on this list.

Marilyn Monroe

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Baron/Getty Images

It’s probably the most high profile case of a presidential rendezvous. Actress and icon Marilyn Monroe and President John F. Kennedy are said to have had a romantic relationship at Bing Crosby’s house shortly after meeting.

Monroe apparently felt so bad about it that she contacted John’s wife, Jackie, to tell her all about it. Jackie was well aware of her husband’s wandering eye and apparently even had a good sense of humor about it.