Serena Williams’ Marriage Is Beautiful, Strange And Perfect

Few athletes are as fascinating as Serena Williams. Rightly praised and often wrongly criticized, the tennis icon shocked the world when she announced her pregnancy after winning the Australian Open. Then she married the co-founder of Reddit and the world lost its mind. Then we realized how perfect these two are for each other and everything was okay again. After reading this, you’ll believe their love for each other is as genuine as we do. Only true love would make the co-founder of Reddit rent four billboards to declare his love.

It Was Not Love At First Sight

serena williams alexis ohanian first date
Wargo/Getty Images
Wargo/Getty Images

On the day Serena Williams met Alexis Ohanian in 2015, her friends were actually trying to get him away from her. The group was having breakfast together when Ohanian sat down next to Williams even though there were plenty other seats available.

William’s friends told Ohanian there were rats where he was sitting. He responded, “Is there really a rat here? I’m from Brooklyn, I see rats all the time.” The nonchalant answer intrigued Williams, who invited her new friend to come and sit with her old friends. And just like that, their relationship began.