The Human Ken Doll’s Journey To Perfection

These days, plastic surgery is more common than ever. In fact, there were more than 17.5 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States alone in 2017. But while some people opt for Botox or a little nip and tuck here and there, others take it to the extreme, completely transforming their appearance in the process. Rodrigo Alves is the latter.

At just 35 years old, Alves has spent the last two decades transforming himself into what he considers the ideal man. He’s spent nearly $1 million on cosmetic procedures and is often referred to as the “Human Ken doll.”

The Road to Perfection Isn’t Easy

With over 772,000 Instagram followers, Alves’ life has become a spectacle — but his fame has come at a cost. He’s been diagnosed with body dysmorphia, a mental disorder where an individual can’t stop thinking about their appearance and has put himself at serious risk to undergo countless extensive surgeries.

rodrigo alves road to perfection
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

Alves isn’t done yet either. He has plans for more plastic surgery sooner rather than later. Take a look at Rodrigo Alves the Human Ken Doll’s journey to perfection.

Rodrigo Alves Didn’t Have the Easiest Childhood

Rodrigo Alves was born in São Paulo, Brazil on July 30, 1983. Growing up he had a relatively normal childhood, but everything changed when he hit puberty. Alves suffered from a hormonal dysfunction throughout his teenage years which caused him to developed chest tissue at the same rate of many of his female peers.

rodrigo alves childhood
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

Alves was picked on incessantly for his chest. As the bullying escalated, his peers started making fun of his nose too. In an interview with Sun Online, he said, “I had my face pushed against the urinal because I had a wide nose.”

He Started Avoiding Social Situations

Unsurprisingly, the bullying took its toll on Alves’ self-esteem. The teen felt so isolated by his peers that he started avoiding any and all social situations. As a result, he started experiencing serious bouts of depression.

rodrigo alves before
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

“Growing up I felt alone as nobody wanted to be friends with me,” Alves told Sun Online. “Because of my body image and the fact that I was shy, I avoided social situations.”

He Had His First Plastic Surgery Procedure at 17 Years Old

When Alves was just 17 years old, he had his first plastic surgery procedure. The procedure removed the excess tissue from his chest and cost around $3,000. Alves was so pleased with the results he started looking into other plastic surgeries he could have done.

rodrigo alves antisocial

Little did he known, this was the start of a decades-long addiction to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures — a journey that would transform his face and body completely and cost him nearly $1 million.

He Got a Nose Job Soon After

It wasn’t long before Alves was plotting his return to the plastic surgeon — this time to address his nose, which he had long been bullied for. At 19 years old, he got what would be his first of many rhinoplasties.

rodrigo alves first nose job
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

Unfortunately for Alves, once his nose healed, he wasn’t exactly happy with the results like he was with his chest. He couldn’t help but nitpick every single thing he considered an imperfection with his new mug. Soon enough, he was back at another plastic surgeon’s office.

Alves Couldn’t Stay Away From the Plastic Surgeon

Alves thought his new nose was an improvement, but he thought it could be better. So he went back to the plastic surgeon for a second rhinoplasty. Then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. Each time, he would find something he was unhappy with.

rodrigo alves botox fillers
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

He didn’t stop at nose jobs either. Alves had various plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures to enhance his looks including Botox and fillers, and eye lift, and a neck lift. In this photo, you can clearly see his face had taken on an entirely different look.

Determined to Look Like a Human Ken Doll

Alves continued to go under the knife and the plastic surgery procedures became increasingly extreme. He declared that he wanted to look like a human Ken doll and made it clear he would do whatever it took to achieve his goal.

rodrigo alves ken doll
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

While in his late twenties, Alves had liposuction on his jawline to give it a sharper, more defined appearance. He even had painful surgery on his ears so they would be pinned back ever so slightly. In March 2014, he posted this side-by-side photo on his Instagram. Sure enough, he was looking more like a real-life version of a Ken doll every day.

Instant Abs

Of all of Alves’ plastic surgeries, his abdominal and pectoral implants are perhaps the most shocking. In his effort to transform into a real-life Ken Doll, Alves had a series of silicone implants surgically placed in his body to give the appearance of six-packs abs and defined pectoral muscles. Altogether, his ‘muscles’ cost him around $32,000.

rodrigo alves transformation
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

To give his arms an equally-muscular appearance, Alves later went back to have silicone implants surgically placed in his arms. But while the surgery did make his arms appear bigger, he was left with an infection and paralysis in both. “It nearly got to the stage where they were talking about chopping my arm off,” he said in an interview. Luckily, the infection cleared up and the feeling returned.

More Facial Implants and Fillers

Alves’ face started taking on a startling appearance after he got numerous facial implants, Botox, and fillers. Alves had many chin implant procedures done since he wasn’t happy with the results of his first two surgeries. He also had a significant amount of filler injected into his cheeks and lips to give the appearance of sky-high cheekbones and a plump pout.

alves face implants

Around this time, his family really started to worry about him.

Hairy Business

Alves has never been shy about sharing his journey, including the less-than-glamorous aspects of plastic surgery. In 2017, the plastic surgery addict underwent a grueling hair transplant in Los Angeles. During the procedure, he took to social media to share a picture of his blood-soaked hairline.

rodrigo alves hair

The hair transplant took eight hours and was his 59th procedure at the time. He had 3,000 follicles inserted in an attempt to look more feminine. He told Mail Online, “The aim, for now, is to make me look younger. I don’t think that I look like a masculine guy, and once my new hair grows I will be more delicate looking.:

His Family Staged An Intervention

While Alves was attending university in London, he underwent numerous plastic surgeries. By the time he came home to Brazil to visit his family, he was almost completely unrecognizable. In shock, his family allegedly staged an intervention.

alves cheeks

Understandably, his loved ones were concerned with his rapidly changing appearance and insisted he see a psychiatrist. Although Alves assured them he was fine, he did agree to talk someone if it meant making his family happy.

He Was Diagnosed With Body Dysmorphia

When Alves was in his late twenties, he was diagnosed with body dysmorphia. The mental health disorder causes individuals to frequently examine their appearance. Those who suffer from body dysmorphia constantly compare their appearance to others and typically avoid social situations and having their photo taken.

plastic surgery neck

Unfortunately, there is no cure for body dysmorphia, but many who suffer from the disorder manage their emotions with antidepressants.

He Says He Was Born In the Wrong Body

Despite being diagnosed with body dysmorphia, Alves says he’s not under any psychological strain. He even appeared on an episode of Loose Women where he told talk show host Anne Diamond, “I have all sorts of psychological treatment, [but] I don’t have body dysmorphia.” He continued, “I was born in the wrong body.”

before and after alves

While on the show, he also told the ladies that he’s happy with his looks but said he “does not accept the aging process.”

One of His Nose Jobs Almost Cost Him His Life

In 2016, Rodrigo Alves went under the knife for his sixth nose job. By now, he was used to the procedure, but this time was different. Alves caught a severe infection which left him unable to breathe.

bad nose job
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

His condition was far more serious than he could have ever imagined. His body was rejecting his ‘new’ nose and had started going into necrosis — and infection that causes the skin tissues to essentially die and rot away. Alves was rushed to the hospital, where doctors were able to treat the infection. They warned Alves however that he should not continue to have plastic surgery on his nose.

Doctors Warned Him About Getting Another Nose Job, But He Did It Anyway

After Alves’ nose job scare, doctors warned him that if he had his nose done again it “turn black and fall off.” So what did Alves do? He got another nose job. His tenth to be exact.

before and after
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

In an Instagram post, he shared a photo of his latest nose, along with the caption, “It is my bday month and I have just gifted my self with a luxurious 7 star Holliday which will include another nose job and the change of my square chin implant for a V shape at a Luxurious destination why? Because I m worth it darling.”

He Had Four Ribs Removed to Make His Waist Smaller

Alves’ extensive plastic surgery history is already shocking to the average human, but perhaps his most disturbing procedure yet took place at the end of 2017. In an effort to achieve a thinner waistline, Alves had four of his ribs surgically removed.

rib removal
Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Alves appeared on the talk show This Morning (bringing his ribs in a jar) where he said, “I had four ribs removed so I can do my blazers up without having to breathe in or have them altered.” He added that he wanted to have six ribs removed but he couldn’t find a surgeon to do it.

He’s Had to Have Numerous Revision Surgeries

Alves has been open and honest about his journey to perfection. In January 2019, he got real with his fans again when he issued a warning about certain facial procedures. After Alves noticed his cheeks, eyes, and nose were drooping, he went back to his surgeon for a facelift.

alves correctional surgery

But during the procedure, what his doctors discovered was shocking. Alves had nearly 200 threads and fibroids within his face. The threads and fibroids, which are believed to be from previous facial surgery, had to be removed, along with five centimeters of his skin.

The Big Surgery He Might Get One Day

Alves is no stranger to plastic surgery, but there is one big procedure he hasn’t had. Alves has alluded that he may undergo gender reassignment surgery once he gets older.

alves older
Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

While he hasn’t shared too many details, he did tell Mail Online, “I will do what Caitlyn Jenner did.” He added, “When I reach my late 50s, I would rather be a sexy old lady than a saggy old man.”

He Says Perfection to Him Is ‘Symmetry’

While Alves will likely never be 100 percent happy with his appearance, he does have an idea of what ‘perfection’ means to him. “Male perfection is to me having symmetry,” he said in an interview with The Sun. “So a chiseled face, broad shoulders, a lean figure, a prominent jawline, defined abs and a chest in proportion.”

rodrigo alves ken
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk
Instagram / @rodrigoalvesuk

While the surgery addict may know what perfection is to him, he continues to go under the knife, even after declaring he was done.

He Thinks He Deserves More Credit

Most people don’t like admitting when they’ve had work done. That’s why so many celebrities arrive incognito to their plastic surgeon’s office or arrange a house call. Their looks are speculated upon, but you won’t hear a peep out of most of them. Not Alves though!

rodrigo alves red carpet
Maria Moratti/Contigo/Getty Images
Maria Moratti/Contigo/Getty Images

Alves is clearly open about his plastic surgeries and even told The Sun that he thinks people should give him credit for his “courage and bravery” for going under the knife so many times.

He Was Kicked Off of Celebrity Big Brother for Using a Racial Slur

In August 2018, Alves joined the cast of the United Kingdom reality show Celebrity Big Brother as one of the celebrity housemates. During a conversation about his preferences in a romantic partner, Alves used a racial slur.

alves cbb
Instagram / @bbuk
Instagram / @bbuk

The producers of the show gave him a final warning and told him if he repeated the world he would be evicted from the house. Viewers were not happy about the light punishment and Alves received more than 1,000 complaints. He was involved in another incident not long after and was expelled from the show after being in the house for just over a week.

He Doesn’t Recommend Others Follow His Journey

Alves has said numerous times that plastic surgery has changed his life for the better. Still, the 35-year-old doesn’t recommend anyone follows his journey when it comes to plastic surgery.

alves journey

“I don’t recommend for anyone to follow my journey when it comes to [plastic surgery]. There have been complications and it has been a long journey,” he admitted while in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Alves continued, “But you do empower people. In life you have the decision to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, as long as you don’t cause harm to other people.”

He Has Fans All Over the World

Alves’ looks have garnered him lots of attention. While not everyone understands the choices he’s made to alter his appearance, lots of people are in full support. Alves has a staggering 773,000 Instagram followers. Take a look at the comments on his posts, and you’ll see thousands of fans showing their admiration for him.

human ken fans
Ankur Dutta / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Ankur Dutta / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

A frequent traveler, Alves also turns heads wherever he goes. In this photo, Alves poses with a group of fans who wanted a picture with him while he was visiting some of Delhi’s tourist spots.

He Participated In a Five-Day ‘Body Blitz’ With His Friend

When most friends hang out they go out for a meal, grab drinks, or go shopping. But Alves and his friends like to get plastic surgery together. Alves and one of his closest friends, Pixee Fox, traveled to Turkey in early 2017 to undergo a series of extensive surgeries together. Fox is also well-known for having lots of plastic surgery.

surgery sprint
Bradley Secker / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Bradley Secker / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

In what was described as a ‘five-day body blitz’, the two pals met up and had more than $20,000 worth of cosmetic procedures done in less than a week.

He Has a Boyfriend

In late 2018, Alves confirmed he is dating Giancomo Milano. Milano is an Italian singer who also just happens to be a plastic surgeon. In his home country, he is known for being a go-to plastic surgeon for celebrities. Sounds like a win-win for Alves.

alves and milano

Alves and Milano publicly confirmed their partnership and said they are planning to work on music together within the next few months. The lovebirds have been caught holding hands, kissing, and jet setting all over the world.