Meet These Stunning NFL Wives And Girlfriends

They say behind every strong man is a strong woman, so it makes sense that behind some of the toughest NFL players out there there’s a seriously beautiful woman. For women with looks, smarts, and personalities like this, it’s no wonder they ended up with some of the best athletes in the world.

These NFL WAGS (wives and girlfriends) include everything from supermodels to pageant queens and actresses. Some of them are even professional athletes dominating in their own fields. Check out these WAGs and decide for yourself if they’re out of the NFL player’s league.

Camille Kostek

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Rob Gronkowski has been a staple in the New England Patriots lineup since 2010. During that time, Camille Kostek was also seen frequently on the field, not as his girlfriend, but as a member of the team’s cheerleading squad.

It wasn’t until she retired from cheerleading and moved on to tv reporting in 2015 that the two began their relationship. They’re still together and in Camille’s words, “You hate us’ cause you ain’t us.”