The Good, The Bad, The Bloody: People Who Live Like Modern Day Vampires

When you think of vampires, you might think of characters like Lestat from Interview with The Vampire or perhaps you prefer the sparklier variety of Edward Cullen from Twilight. But did you know there are vampires who walk among us? Click through this article to find out more about modern day vampires!

Texas Vampires


Self-proclaimed vampires Countess Lea and Count Tim Van Doorn first met at a vampire festival and now are in a relationship based around, as Tim describes it, their “connection of darkness.” The two mutually engaged in the act of sucking one another’s blood and describe the experience as being “better than sex”. Lea said, “We are kind of like sharks once we get going. I feel this rush of life, their essence, and their energy is coming into me.” The two both have acrylic fangs put onto their own teeth but prefer to use syringes when actually taking part in the act.