The Funniest Dog Shaming Pics You’ll Ever See

Pet owners love their dogs. In return, they love us unconditionally and get super excited when we come home from work and school. We feed them, buy them treats and toys and make sure their lives are well lived.

But not all dogs are little angels all of the time. Sometimes they do bad things. And when their human moms and dads get really upset, they shame these pups by posting their bad deeds on social media.

The Hoarder

“My name is Missy. I am a hoarder. I have been a hoarder for 2 1/2 years. If mom had not moved the couch I would still be hoarding.”

The Hoarder

This yellow lab obviously likes her bones. But what is she saving them for?

The Stinky One

“My cute appearance is super deceiving. My farts are potent enough to clear a room of 30+ people.”

This little guy, who appears to be a Boston Terrier, may be small in stature but is obviously large in life when it comes to emitting noxious smells. But maybe it’s not the puppy’s fault. Perhaps the owners should take a closer look at his diet and stop feeding him things that make him stink up the room in such a foul way.

The Stinky One

Everybody farts — even dogs. He probably doesn’t like the smell either, so find a way to make his stomach settle down!

The Sick Tummy

“I didn’t tell my dad I needed to go potty and had explosive diarrhea in the middle of his party.”

This one is terrible on a couple of levels. First, the poor dog was obviously sick and either his owner didn’t notice or the dog was trying to hold it in.

The Sick Tummy

Second, diarrhea, at any moment, is a horrible thing. It smells, it’s messy and it’s difficult to clean up. And if you happen to be throwing a party when your dog gets sick, it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved. No one wants to be chewing on some hor d’oeuvres when a dog poops next to them on the carpet.

The Rainbow Poop

“I eat crayons and poop rainbows.”

Dogs are curious creatures. And sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them — particularly when the stomach and their sense of smell gets involved.

This pup decided to munch on some crayons. Perhaps he wanted a snack. Perhaps the smell of wax was very appealing. Maybe they were scented crayons. Dogs are able to see some colors, so maybe the crayons looked appetizing.

The Rainbow Poop

Well, whatever goes in must come out, and apparently this dog had a very interesting stool sample after digesting so many colorful crayons. It’s not every day that a rainbow comes out of your pup’s butt!

The Trespassers

“Grumpy neighbor called the police because she caught us pool hopping in her pool!”

“Luckily we made it home without getting arrested!”

These partners in crime had a plan and executed it (not so) flawlessly. Dogs love water, and what’s more appealing than a crystal clear swimming pool?

The Trespassers

Most pools are surrounded by fences, so these dogs were somehow able to scale the fence and gain entry. The question is: where were their owners? Why were they on the loose?

Dogs can act just like teenagers sometimes. They know they’re doing something wrong, but they can’t help themselves. And they’re arrogant enough to think they won’t get caught.

The Slippery One

“My name is Biscuit. I ate a large tube of Vaseline. Now I have to wear a doggie diaper because I’m drooling Vaseline out my butt.”

Here’s another little dog who is caught eating something he shouldn’t have. While we can (sort of) see the appeal of eating crayons, Vaseline is a whole other story. It doesn’t smell particularly interesting, and it probably feels disgusting on the tongue.

The Slippery One

Fortunately, Vaseline is non-toxic, and a dog can safely consume it in small quantities. However, there are repercussions, such as diarrhea and vomiting. And it’s a natural laxative. So this owner was probably cleaning up Vaseline poop for a really, really long time.

The Trapped One

“I LOCKED my parents CAR as it was RUNNING and when they were writing the $80 check I ROLLED DOWN ALL THE WINDOWS so I could get a better look at what they were doing?”

This Collie probably had no idea that she was locking out her owners while the car was running. She probably innocently put her paws on the door and, click, she was trapped inside.

The Trapped One

This probably didn’t happen at home where there was likely a spare set of keys. It likely occurred in a public place such as a shopping center. Having to shell out $80 just to have the dog roll down the windows must have been so frustrating!

The Untrained Dogs

“I bark really loud, out of nowhere, for no reason, because I can.”

“I let strangers pet me. And then I try to bite them.”

These signs lead us to believe that it’s not the dog’s fault but rather the owner’s fault for not training them properly. Sure, little dogs can be snippy sometimes, but it’s up to the humans to make sure they’re well behaved most of the time.

The Untrained Dogs

Dogs don’t usually bark for no reason. Maybe they hear a noise or they’re dealing with anxiety. As for biting people, that needs to be curbed as soon as possible or the owner may have to deal with a lawsuit.

The Traffic Dodger

“I like my human to chase me down a four lane road…during 5 o’clock traffic.”

It’s likely that this puppy somehow got off her leash or darted quickly away from her owner and that’s how she got into so much trouble.

The Traffic Dodger

This one is scary for several reasons. First, the dog is very small, and if it was dark at 5 p.m. it’s a miracle she escaped running across the road unscathed. Second, the owner’s life was also in danger. Crossing a four-lane road during rush hour is very scary. And when you’re dog’s life is in jeopardy, sometimes you do questionable things.

The Blinds Bandit

“In two months time, I have torn down all the blinds. Twice! I don’t like people on the sidewalk.”

The expression on this dog’s face says it all. He knows he did a very bad thing. He’s wearing the note of shame around his neck in front of his dirty deed — tattered and destroyed blinds on the window and floor.

The Blinds Bandit

This pup obviously doesn’t like strangers walking near his house, so he pokes his head under (in?) the blinds to make sure they know it. Unfortunately, his actions cause a lot of destruction and force the homeowners to purchase new blinds.

The Selfish One

“I bite my 19 year old blind sister in the face because I want the bone!”

This one is quite sad, actually. Dogs are very keen about how their canine counterparts and humans feel on a daily basis. He probably knows his sister can’t see very well, yet he takes advantage of her.

The Selfish One

It’s one thing if he just took her bone. But it’s another thing entirely that he bites her face in order to get it. What a mean thing to do! But it proves that dogs are very similar to humans. What little kid hasn’t bitten another in order to get his or her way?

The Saboteur

“I ate my 9 year old owner’s art project — it had marshmallows on it — I couldn’t resist.”

This little girl is not happy. She probably worked really hard on that art project. On the other hand, where did she leave the project after she completed it? On the floor? On the coffee table in easy reach of her big dog’s snout?

The Saboteur

It’s true, sometimes dogs can not help themselves. And when it comes to food, most of them don’t have any self-control whatsoever. There are a lot humans that don’t have any self-control either — just look at obesity levels in our country.

The Potty Licker

“I lick the toddler’s training potty.”

Yes, this is disgusting. But most of us know that dogs often sniff other dogs’ butts and put their noses in human crotches. Some dogs even eat poop (we’ll get to that later). They also lick their private parts. No one ever said a dog was particularly well mannered.

The Potty Licker

But this dog, who looks very shameful in the photo, is obviously attracted to the scent of human urine. And it’s a little disturbing that he enjoys licking it up. His doggie breath must be particularly foul. Hopefully his owners have invested in a good canine toothbrush.

The Poop Eater

“I pooped inside.”

“I ate it.”

Some dogs eat poop. Apparently it’s very common in several animal species. Some canines eat feces because they’re missing valuable nutrients and eat partially digested food in poop in order to counter that problem. The technical term for dogs eating dog poop is coprophagia.

The Poop Eater

Fortunately, the bad habit can be broken. Experts recommend finding the stool and covering it with hot sauce to prevent the dog from eating it. But that doesn’t help if your dog poops inside the house when you’re not home, and the other one can’t help but turn it into a snack.

The Humper

“I humped the neighbor’s kid.”

This yellow Labrador doesn’t seem particularly bothered by his sign of shame. He was just doing what came naturally. Many people find it hysterical when a dog is spotted humping someone’s leg. But it can be uncomfortable for the pet owner as well as the object of the dog’s affection.

The Humper

Unneutered and unspayed dogs under the age of one usually hump to fulfill a sexual urge. But in older dogs it can signal dominance. Or perhaps the dog is just excited about a new visitor. It may also indicate that a dog hasn’t been properly socialized.

The Trash Eater

“I eat the trash.”

Many pet owners have experienced this. They leave for a couple of hours and return home to find that their beloved dog has gotten into the trash can. Leftovers are scattered all over the kitchen and maybe into other rooms of the house.

The Trash Eater

One way to avoid this is to make sure you feed your dog on a regular basis. Also, be careful where you keep your trash can — make it difficult for a canine to access. One way to train your dog not to eat the trash is to catch him or her in the act and let him know it’s not the right thing to do.

The Couch Squatter

“I’m not allowed on this couch but I’m cute so the rules don’t apply to me, right? – Tulo.”

This is one of the hardest challenges of being a pet owner. Sometimes they’re so cute, even when they’re bad, that you can’t scold them for their actions. You’d rather just smooch their little faces and kiss them all over rather than yell at them for bad behavior.

The Couch Squatter

But sometimes you have to set the rules. Rules are there for a reason. Maybe the couch was brand new. Maybe Tulo’s paws make things dirty. Whatever the reason, stick to your guns, pet owners!

The Bathroom Stalker

“I like to watch people pee.”

Dogs are pack animals. They like to be with their humans as much as possible. That includes hanging out with them in uncomfortable situations. So this little guy follows his owners around the house and makes sure to be with them whenever and wherever he can — even in the bathroom.

The Bathroom Stalker

You know the easy solution — close the door when you use the toilet. It’s as simple as that. But perhaps they’re weird and don’t have doors on their bathrooms. Some people are like that. But it’s strange. And maybe it’s actually the dog trying to shame them.

The Thong Eater

“I just threw up a thong.”

As you know, dogs eat a long of things that aren’t food, such as crayons and Vaseline. Well, some of them apparently also like the taste of underwear. Sometimes dogs steal a pet owner’s personal items to get their attention. It’s important to keep undergarments in drawers, not laundry baskets on the floor.

The Thong Eater

Pet owners should also give their dogs the proper toys to chew on. And when they do chew on the correct objects, their humans should praise them. Let them know they’re good puppies and doing the right thing. Conversely, let them know when it’s not okay to chew on something — like your thong!

The Tissue Destroyer

“When I disappear I am usually ripping up used tissues.”

There you are, just minding your own business perhaps reading a book or watching television. Then you notice it’s quite quiet in the house. Where’s the dog? Your greatest fear is confirmed when you find her in the other room gnawing on a bunch of used tissues that she took from the waste basket.

The Tissue Destroyer

This is another example of a dog wanting a little attention. Some dogs are fine with a little alone time. Others need to be stimulated on a regular basis or at least comforted frequently with hugs and kisses.

The Carpet Stain Master

“I did this with my butt.”

This poor dog looks very shameful. His head is down and his shoulders are slumped. He probably just got yelled at for staining the carpet. It appears that his butt wasn’t quite clean when he wiped it across the rug, leaving an ugly (and probably stinky) stain.

The Carpet Stain Master

Often, the reason for this type of behavior is that their anal glands need to be drained. This can usually be addressed by a veterinarian. The problem can make a dog’s butt feel itchy, thus they relieve the itch by dragging their tushes across the floor.

The Voracious Eater

“I eat everything including leaves, dust bunnies, dirt, my toy box, POOP, and my absolute favorite…WALLS.”

Give this little one a little slack. She’s a puppy! And puppies, just like infants and toddlers, need to be constantly monitored so they don’t get themselves into trouble.

When puppies are teething, they get into everything. It’s important to make sure there’s nothing toxic in their reach. Dust bunnies won’t make them very sick, but if they get their jaws on household cleaner, for example, the result could be deadly.

The Voracious Eater

The lesson here is to make sure your puppy is restrained to a safe area of the house so he or she doesn’t get sick!

The Disabled Avenger

“I like to run over the big dog with my cart.”

This pug doesn’t let a little disability get him down. In fact, it appears that his little two-wheeled cart makes him so mobile that he’s able to antagonize his housemate with it.

The Disabled Avenger

The lab in the background of the photo looks a little sad. Maybe he has a hard time reigning in the Pug, who obviously rules the roost. Sometimes it’s the little dogs you need to watch more carefully. Don’t get distracted by their size.

Maybe the owners should train the Pug to be slightly more considerate of other dogs.

The Fart Master

“I farted on the vet so badly she had to check to see if I pooped on her – xoxo Peppy.”

Veterinarians are wonderful people for the work that they do. On a daily basis they must deal with unhappy and sick animals who are nervous and scared. These animals aren’t exactly happy to be in the office and as a result act differently than normal.

The Fart Master

This pup was so anxious she farted in such a way that the vet believed she had an accident. It could happen. And it probably happens a lot in the vet’s office. It’s just part of the job.

The Vomit Eater

“I puked in our crate.”

“And I ate it.”

Apparently even vomit is not off limits to a certain type of dog. These dogs both did something bad. One puked in their crate, and the other turned it into a meal. Perhaps the puking dog isn’t to blame. He may have had a sick tummy and could not help himself.

The Vomit Eater

Perhaps the vomit eater was just trying to tidy the place up. They sleep in the crate and probably don’t want a pesky thing such as a pile of vomit getting in the way of their sleep arrangements. Who knows.

The Gaseous One

“I fart so loudly I wake myself up.”

This is just embarrassing. This poor dog has such a flatulence problem that he has a difficult time sleeping. His farts wake him up in the middle of a sound sleep. And it’s likely that since dogs sleep a large portion of the day, his farts disturb his humans on a regular basis.

The Gaseous One

Everybody farts. It’s one way the digestive system gets things moving around. But certain foods make you have more gas than others. So what are the owners feeding this dog? Maybe they should stick to a strict low-fiber diet.

The Poop Makeup Artist

“I like to roll my face in [poop]. I’m a [poopface].”

As we’ve learned from the previous examples, some dogs have a fascination with feces. Whether it’s their own feces, their house mate’s feces or a stranger’s feces, they like to smell it and eat it. Well, this husky apparently likes to roll around in it.

The Poop Makeup Artist

More than that, this dog likes to put her face in the poop and smear it on her cheeks. Don’t they look lovely? Is this a dog’s way of using makeup? The husky doesn’t look particularly bothered by her actions. She probably thinks she looks lovely.

The Barker

“I bark at pants.”

Dogs are strange animals with some odd behavior. Sometimes it’s very obvious what they want. If they’re hungry or thirsty, they’ll let you know. If they need to go outside, they’ll let you know. So what does it mean when they bark at your pants?

The Barker

Perhaps this little one wants his owner’s attention. Or maybe he’s letting you know that your pants make you look fat. There may be something about the wide hole on the waist and the smaller holes at the cuffs that bother the heck out of him. It’s unclear. It’s weird. But he’s still pretty cute.

The Other Humper

“I hump other dogs’ faces.”

We’ve already established why some dogs hump other dogs and their human companions. But this one, who appears to be a Beagle, takes it to a whole other level. He humps other dogs in the face. Who does that and why?

The Other Humper

The look of little shame on this Beagle’s face is priceless. It’s as if he’s thinking, “I do what I want. So what if I hump other dogs’ faces?” He doesn’t care about his actions. He doesn’t care what his owners think. If he wants to put his butt into other dogs’ faces that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

What A Scary Hybrid Animal!

“I chewed the face off an antique stuffed panda bear.”

This bad pup has apparently decided that he does not hold antiques in high regard. We can almost imagine his line of thinking: “A toy is a toy, right? And if it’s an old toy, it should be OK to play with!”

What A Scary Hybrid Animal!

The dog’s human companions did not agree with his reasoning. And not only did they make a dog-shaming sign letting the world what misdeed he had committed, but they also made him wear the remnants of the antique panda toy in question. The dog’s face peeking from the panda body is a pretty unsettling sight.

Try Covering Your Mouth

“I sneeze into your mouth when you yawn.”

According to this sign, the black pug in this photo will sneeze into your mouth if you yawn. It is not clear whether he does this disgusting act frequently or if it was a one-time thing. Either way, it must have been such a revolting occurrence that the dog’s owner felt she needed to let the whole world know about it.

Try Covering Your Mouth

Our decision on this one: since sneezing is an involuntary act, there is no way the dog did this on purpose. Also, covering your mouth while yawning could help kick this bad behavior to the curb. Just a thought.

The Little Joys In Life

“I played in the mud and then I jumped all over the bed and kicked my dad in the stomach. I do not care.”

Ahhh, this sweet-looking boxer is certainly living the high life. Playing in the mud, jumping into the bed and frolicking with his human dad are all activities he surely loves. Unfortunately, his dad does not seem to see things the same way.

The Little Joys In Life

Admittedly, it’s a lot easier to side with the dog when we’re not the ones who have to clean up after him! But his sweet face is just so hard to stay mad at.

Hat Eating 101

“I ate Uncle G’s hat.”

There’s so much going on in this photo. The first thing we notice is that this small dog is sitting behind a sign that says “I ate Uncle G’s hat.” The people who made the sign even used childish handwriting to indicate that the dog had written it herself.

Hat Eating 101

Next, we see that the dog is wearing a piece of twine or rope on her head as a bow. From there, we can determine that Uncle G’s hat must have been eaten as an act of revenge by a dog who clearly does not enjoy wearing things on her head either.

The Glitter Pooper

Dogs are notorious for eating things they shouldn’t. Whether it’s their owner’s delicious dinner left unattended on the counter or a brand new pair of shoes—nothing is off limits for hungry pups.


This dog however, got his paws on something hilarious—a big ol’ tub of glitter. Not only did he manage to sneak under the couch and chew on a bottle of mom’s craft glitter, but his shame could be felt for days after! Every time this little guy did his business on a walk, his poop was a reminder of his wrong-doings.

The Meat Hider

As if your dog stealing your food isn’t bad enough, some pups take it to the next level, leaving scraps behind where they don’t belong. This little guy committed a very shameful act when he not only stole his owner’s meaty dinner but hid it in the couch!


Imagine you’re finally able to relax and catch up on your favorite shows when you smell a foul scent but can’t tell what it is. You look between the cushions of your couch only to find your stolen dinner from last week is rotting. Talk about gross. Just one of the many upsides to owning a furry friend, right?

Double the Trouble, Double the Shame

Talk about double trouble! This owner got a two-for-one-deal when she got her dogs participating in a dual act of shame. Even worse, but the looks of it, it appears these guys are repeat offenders.


The little guy on the left apparently loves to poop in dark rooms, which we can only assume means his owner has definitely stepped on one a time or two. As for the little poop-eater on the right, we’re not sure if he’s trying to help his owner clean up, or just loves to snack. Either way, these two look adorably guilty!

His Face Says It All

This pup’s shameful face truly says it all. Between his slumped posture, downturned nose, and sad eyes, it looks like he feels very guilty about his less-than-favorable actions.


Apparently, this cute pup has an affinity for peeing on mom’s bed. What’s worse, he likes to do so right after she washes the sheet! Anyone who has made a bed knows about annoying stripping the bed, washing the sheets and remaking the bed is. Let’s just hope this was a one-time thing and he’s not a repeat offender. We have to admit though—it’s hard to be mad at a face that cute!

Stuffed Animal Killer

As dog owners, we love to give our furry friends fun toys to play with. But when dogs immediately go on a mission to destroy their new toys, it’s pretty frustrating…okay, and a little funny too.


This cute pup takes things a step further. Not only does he “kill’ his stuffed animals, but then he tries to hide the evidence! From the looks of it, those stuffed animals are almost the size of him. Perhaps he doesn’t realize they’re toys and is just trying to protect his human from predators? Either way, it’s hard to be mad at a face like that!

Save Us From the Roomba

Ah, the Roomba. What should make our lives easier actually made this dog owner’s life a little more difficult. Not only did this dog owner come home to find that their house was not vacuumed, but they also discovered their pup had full on destroyed the Roomba!


Considering Roombas are by no means cheap, this is definitely a shameful act. But in all fairness, if you were a dog, wouldn’t you see a Roomba and immediately think it was an attacker?! We’re going to have to give this one to this protective pup and say he was fulfilling his guard dog duties.

The Butter Bandit

This pup has the classic “it wasn’t me” face on. But within those eyes is pure guilt! Dogs are notorious for getting their paws on food that doesn’t belong to them, but sometimes the mess is easier to clean up than others.


Unfortunately for this dog owner, her pup got into a case of packaged butter sticks. Not only did he eat two of them, but smeared the third one into the couch—not something we imagine is particularly fun to clean up. As for the fourth stick of butter? That one is still missing in action!

Pink Isn’t Your Color

When you’re a pet owner you might as well consider that everything is you own is co-owned by your furry friend. It’s important to remember that anything they can reach has the potential to become a snack, become a place to pee on, or be full-on destroyed!


In this owner’s case, her pup got into her purse while she was simply trying to take a relaxing nap. Not only did her dog eat an expensive tube of lipstick, but she was left having to give him a bath and then try to get red stains out of her couch. The fact that he decided to eat her last $5 is just icing on top of the cake.

The Not-So-Smart Corgi

This corgi looks so guilty we just can’t help but laugh. In a classic instance of a pup who loves to eat non-food items, this corgi decided to snack on a smart remote. But he didn’t stop there.


After eating one smart remote, he needed to get his fix in. So, he snacked on another, and another, and another, and a few more replacement smart remotes after that. According to this cute corgi’s owner though, Arlo is not getting any smarter!

Doggy Drinking Problem

Judging by the look on this dog’s face, he does not feel guilty at all. Furthermore, it also appears that he does not plan to give up his addiction to chewing plastic bottles anytime soon.


Apparently, this dog regularly sneaks into the garbage can to dig out old plastic bottles to chew on. While this behavior doesn’t seem too bad, it does bring up a puzzling question about our beloved pups: why is it that our dogs prefer trash over the expensive toys we buy them?!

An Expensive Meal

Of all the things for our beloved pets to get their paws on, money has to be the worst. Sure, finding your dog eating a meal you slaved over or chewing on an expensive pair of shoes is annoying, but at least those are easily replaced.


Cold hard cash on the other hand? Not so much. This dog must have had the go-big-or-go-home mentality in his head when he found his owner’s wallet. He chewed up $121, making him a very expensive date!

Not So Profitable Pup

If you work in an office that allows employees to bring their dogs to work, you know how great those furry friends can make the environment. But on the other hands, dogs in the office present a few problems too.


Not only can dogs pee and poop around the office, but let’s face it—sometimes they are so cute they can be full on distracting. As a business owner or manager, this just simply isn’t good for business. Judging by the sign, this cute pug obviously was too cute for employees to handle!

Double Trouble

There is so much shame in this picture we can hardly handle it! and judging by the looks on these pup’s faces, it looks like they’re both full of shame.


While it is is in some dog’s nature to dig holes, it can present a problem for their owner’s who would prefer to not sprain their ankles every time they talk a walk in their yard. But trying to stop two large and in charge dogs from digging holes? It might just be impossible. Whether they’re both guilty or just one is committing this acts is still TBD.

Dachshund Meets Skunk

One look at this dachshund’s face and you know he has been up to no good. Dogs are notorious for getting into places they don’t belong, but when this dog provoked a skunk, he had met his match!


Not only did this cute pup find himself face to face with a stinky skunk, he did so in the morning—right before his owner was supposed to be heading to work. The result? A deep scrub for the pup and an unexcused absence from work for the owner.

The Voyeur

This might be the most hilarious dog shaming picture yet. Between the cringe-worthy sign and the nonchalant look on this dog’s face, we can’t help but laugh.


Apparently, this voyeuristic pup likes to watch his owners…you know. We won’t go into more detail, but you can definitely imagine how awkward that would be for a couple. While dogs tend to be pretty clueless about most things, we can’t help but wonder if he knows what is going on. Either way, let’s just hope his owners kick him out of the room next time.

The Toilet Paper Eater

Of all of the things for dogs to get their paws on, toilet paper might be one of the worst. First of all, toilet paper isn’t cheap! Second, toilet paper is straight up messy. It shreds easily, sticks to you when wet, and there’s a lot of it.


What’s worse is that judging by this pup’s sign and shameful look on his face, he has done this plenty of times before—enough times that his owner made a sign tracking how many days since the last toilet paper massacre. Let’s hope this was this dog’s last roll!