The Dumbest Criminals Of All Time

Not everyone is capable of leading a life of crime. In order to be successful as a criminal you must be able to plan carefully, cover your tracks, think quickly on your feet, and stay calm in sticky situations. And of course, a good disguise is a must. But most importantly, you must never brag about what you did on social media. Many of these may seem like no-brainers to us, but these amateur criminals must have missed the memo. Here are some of the dumbest criminals of all time.

Butt-Dialed Police


A 911 dispatcher received a long and silent call from a cell phone, and tracked the phone to a house in Sidney, Ohio. Police were sent to investigate the scene, and when they arrived they found a window was broken. They entered the home and heard a low beeping sound. The continuous noise led them to Douglas Wolaver, who was trying to hide from them, but his cell phone’s dying battery had given away his location. Apparently Wolaver had accidentally butt-dialed police on his cell phone which was in his pocket. It curiously did not cross his mind to turn his phone off while he was robbing a house.