The Absolute Worst Dating Fails You’ll Ever Hear

It is hard to find someone who likes dating. And if you enjoy dating, it is probably because you haven’t been on a bad date yet (and you should thank your lucky stars for that!) Bad dates range from painfully awkward to outright humiliating. We have compiled a list of the worst date fails here. You can either be happy that you haven’t experienced these, or you can relate to them all of their shameful glory.

Bad Manners

There’s nothing like going on a date with someone who has bad manners—especially towards the waitstaff. The snapping and demeaning behavior can be horribly embarrassing. Who wants to be associated with that? No one! Especially when you sit down and your date starts snapping his fingers in the air.

Mistreating your waiter or waitress is rude no-no number one. “My date said, ‘Do I look like the kind of guy who waits for [expletive]? Bring us a couple of martinis.’ I told the waiter that only 1 drink would be necessary and asked my date if I looked like the kind of girl who dates [expletive]. Then I got up and left.”