Taron Egerton Aims For Oscar With “Rocketman”

taron egerton rocketman
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

If it worked for Rami Malek, surely it can work for Taron Egerton, too. After watching the Freddie Mercury impersonation win the actor and Oscar, Egerton has to be wondering if Rocketman can do the same for him. The film is being described as a surrealist musical about the life of music legend Elton John.

Speaking about the risk a few days after the film’s premiere, Egerton said, “It feels like a crossroads. It could be a big moment in my career, which is exciting, but also scary. Because if it’s not a big moment, there’s a fear that I’ve failed.”

Egerton first made waves in the summer blockbuster Kingsman but has always dreamed about what life would be like as Sir Elton John, finding a connection with the musician in his teens. Amazingly enough, Egerton first met John while filming that movie, and when Matthew Vaughn finished Kingsman and began producing Rocketman, he kept Egerton in mind for the flamboyant role.

The studio wanted Tom Hardy, but Vaughn for his friend. For Egerton, the role appears to have been his destiny. When it finished its first screening at Cannes, the crowd gave the actor a standing ovation. Could a golden statuette be next?