Super Weird Fashion Trends From Around The World

Move over peplums and asymmetrical skirts. These fashion trends are just about the strangest we’ve ever seen. Of course, fashion is a form of artistic expression, and if people want to wear crazy boots and see-through pants, then more power to them.

If you’re more of a regular jeans and a t-shirt sort of person, these pictures will give you some insight into the lives of people who like to dress outside the box. Read ahead for insane eyebrow art, facial implants, and the pointiest shoes you ever did see.

Denim Boots

Who says that jeans need to cover your bum? They can start at your toes and end just above your knees.

Photo Credit: @na_stile_chita / Instagram
Photo Credit: @na_stile_chita / Instagram

While some denim boots can sell for over $1000, you can make your own version by slipping some old, cut up jeans over a pair of high heels.

Big Knit Sweaters

We all love a chunky knit, but this is a little bit OTT. I would love a thick blanket made out of that yarn, though. I’d be cozy for days.

Photo Credit:@humongousthings / Instagram
Photo Credit:@humongousthings / Instagram

The more I look at the sweater, the more I like it. Wearing it would be like living in a sleeping bag.

Bagel Head

This odd body mod started in Canada of all places. Now it’s mostly done in the Japanese underground scene.

Photo Credit:@n4red90 / Instagram
Photo Credit:@n4red90 / Instagram

A short procedure that involves injecting saline under the skin leaves people with a temporary forehead bulge. The bulge can then be shaped to look like a bagel. Keep reading for a pair of tights that are dripping with novelty.

Platform Crocs

Crocs, the breakout trend of the 2000s, have made a comeback. In February 2018, Balenciaga released platform crocs, a designer take on the rubber shoe.

Photo Credit:@bmyard / Instagram
Photo Credit:@bmyard / Instagram

These tall crocs sold out in record time. These puppies retail for $850 because… fashion? I don’t know about these, guys. Maybe they’re just not my cup of tea.

Ikea Accessories

People are making their own clothes and accessories out of those giant blue Ikea bags. I think those bags work great just as they are. They’re great for carrying lawn chairs or sports equipment, or anything big, really.

Photo Credit:@glureview / Instagram
Photo Credit:@glureview / Instagram

I don’t hate this trend, though. That over the shoulder purse looks pretty useful, and recycling is always a good idea.

Melting Tights

These tights make it look like someone spilled a bucket of paint down your pants. Pair them with shorts or a short skirt for an edgy, colorful look.

Photo Credit: @urbclothing / Instagram
Photo Credit: @urbclothing / Instagram

The handmade legwear retails for $50 to $60 a pair, which is not too bad, all things considered. Keep reading for a Japanese trend that’s been around since the 1970s.

Eyebrow Art

Eyebrows have taken over Instagram. Every day a new on-fleek eyebrow pops up on my feed to remind me that I’m not living up to my full potential.

Photo Credit: @beautybanana06 / Instagram
Photo Credit: @beautybanana06 / Instagram

Well groomed eyebrows are one thing, but these eyebrow designs are something else. I’d be down to try numbers 1 and 2, but the rest of them are way outside my comfort zone.

All In One

Tired of putting on pants, socks, AND shoes? Want to condense your morning routine into one single step? How about these shleggings? I don’t know if they’re actually called shleggings, but that’s what I’m going to call them.

Photo Credit: @siendilovesshoes / Instagram
Photo Credit: @siendilovesshoes / Instagram

Shleggings are leggings and shoes all in one spiffy garment. Très convenient.

Japanese Lolita Fashion

Photo Credit: @kohhl_ / Instagram

Lolita is a fashion subculture in Japan inspired by children’s clothes from the early 1900s. It basically involves dressing like a cute, Victorian baby doll.

The name “Lolita” comes from Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel about an older man who engages in a relationship with an underage “nymphet.” Read on for a pair of boots that are about to leave the stratosphere.

Clear Knee Jeans

Hey, if you’ve got nice knees, flaunt ’em. I know nobody asked for this, but now that it’s here, can’t we just appreciate the leg windows?

Photo Credit: @sunkiseedblueberry / Instagram
Photo Credit: @sunkiseedblueberry / Instagram

According to Nordstrom’s website,” slick plastic panels bare your knees for a futuristic feel.” Apparently, knees are the future.

Glitter Beards

I think beards are beautiful just the way they are, but a little glitter never hurt anybody. Treat your beard (or your boyfriend’s beard) like the magical unicorn that it is.

Photo Credit:@colmustang7 / Instagram
Photo Credit:@colmustang7 / Instagram

Pick your favorite color and sparkle your way into your next board meeting. A practical trend if I ever saw one.

Mexican Pointy Boots

These boots, also known as Trival boots, are comedic boots worn in the context of Trival music— a fusion of Latin and electropop. Male dance troupes wear these shoes and deck them out with sequins, disco balls, and LED lights.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram


These Facekini masks designed by Chinese accountant Zhang Shifan are meant to protect beachgoers from harmful UV rays. The masks are made out of bathing suit fabric and are quite popular in parts of Asia.

Photo Credit:@juilenesatriobleza / Instagram
Photo Credit:@juilenesatriobleza / Instagram

If you’re not into looking like a beach bandit you could always just wear some powerful SPF instead.


Is the word “romper” too feminine for your masculine sensibilities? Try a RomHim, the romper for men.

Photo Credit:@scnhimke / Instagram
Photo Credit:@scnhimke / Instagram

The first run of RompHims sold out in a week. What do RompHims have that rompers don’t? A zipper fly for an easier bathroom experience. They also have adjustable waist tabs for a super cinched look. Keep reading for tattoos in the last place you’d expect to find them.

Sleeve Only Hoodies

These ultra-cropped hoodies don’t keep much of your body warm. They’re more like scarves with sleeves. I don’t think I like these as much as regular hoodies or even as much as melted tights.

Photo Credit:@dachsiemama / Instagram
Photo Credit:@dachsiemama / Instagram

Maybe I’d like them better if they weren’t camo print.

Zipper Jeans

Photo Credit:@neomity / Instagram

This just looks dangerous to me. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could just walk up behind you and unzip that precariously placed zipper. What is this supposed to communicate to the world? That you need an emergency escape plan from your own pants?

Also, how is it comfortable to sit down in these?

Scleral Tattoos

Before I say anything about this trend, please do not try this at home. Scleral tattooing is so dangerous and can cause you to lose your entire eyeball.

Photo Credit:@obdurateessentials / Instagram
Photo Credit:@obdurateessentials / Instagram

Scleral tattooing involves injecting dye into the sclera, or the white part of the eye. It’s actually illegal to tattoo sclera in Oklahoma. Oklahoma knows what’s up.

Converse Pants

High tops don’t have enough Converse action for you? Check out these high tops that keep going higher and higher and higher. Lace them up all the way to your belt for a look that screams, “I have too much money.”

Photo Credit:@the_kingdom_of_lions / Instagram
Photo Credit:@the_kingdom_of_lions / Instagram

Ok, they’re not THAT bad.

Double Jeans

These jeans have double the zippers, double the buttons, and double the pockets of regular jeans. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to become a walking optical illusion.

Photo Credit:@abc7newsbayarea / Instagram
Photo Credit:@abc7newsbayarea / Instagram

Trick your friends into thinking they’re drunk all the time. For the low low price of $880 (jokes, that’s a high price), you could be an alternative fashion icon.

Jeans With Mudstains Already Included

We’re not sure what is more surprising, that this mudstained jean was created or that they completely sold out at Nordstrom. We’re hoping only a few pairs of these jeans were made and they were purchased as a joke, although that’s probably not the case.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom
Photo Credit: Nordstrom

We’re not about to spend money to look filthy but the designers at PRPS proved that quite a few people were willing to purchase their Barracuda Straight Legs Jeans in a natural brown color.

We’ve Seen Clear Pants And Now This…

Our mind is completely boggled. These boots are part of the Kanye West ‘Yeeze’ collection and they’ll cost you nearly $700. The transparent PVC Tubular Boots were a bit hit on social media where desperate influencers showed off the weird fashion choice.

Here’s how the boots are described by Yeezy’s marketing team: “Over-the-knee boots in transparent vinyl. Eyelet vents at inner side. Zip closure featuring textile trim in taupe at heel. Transparent plexiglass stiletto heel. Leather sole in tan. Silver-tone hardware.”

Heelless Hills Look Horribly Uncomfortable

We can’t stand when companies that try to pass off their “tunaless tuna” and their “meatless hot dogs” like they actually taste like the real thing, so why would this be okay? It’s not a heel if it doesn’t actually have a heel.

Photo Credit: eBay
Photo Credit: eBay

If you don’t mind walking on your toes for hours at a time you’re probably a primadonna ballerina and these might be just right for your lifestyle. Everyone else should stick to heels that actually have a heel.

The Lacy Man Shirt

Mad at dad? Father’s day or a birthday coming up? We have just the right gift for you! This lacey man shirt actually came out of some poor designers head and then leaped into reality.

The shirt, with its odd tie and feminine design, is not for everyone. We don’t want to gender anyone but we’ll sure question the fashion sense of any guy who decides to where this strange fashion creation.

The Violet Look From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Fashion forward or just a ripoff of an inflated Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? This checkered jumpsuit managed to grab the attention of some social media influencers but we’ve yet to see it in public.

On a positive note, at least the design isn’t blue and it doesn’t feature a blueberry colored model. In any case, this fashion choice has us scratching our head while laughing out loud at the same time.

Keeping With The Clear Plastic Clothing Trend

If you haven’t caught on yet, see-through plastic clothing is all the rage within certain fashion circles. Because nothing says high fashion like weird what basically amounts to a plastic scrap.

On a positive note, if you want to draw the attention of everyone around you, the see-through plastic skirt might be the way to go. Just make sure whatever you’re wearing beneath the skirt it is suitable for public viewing.

The Incredibly Dangerous High Heeled Roller Skates

At some point a designer at Saint Laurent though to themselves, “you know what isn’t hard enough, walking around in high heels” and the Saint Laurent high heel roller skates were created. At least that’s how we picture it going.

Photo Credit: Saint Laurent
Photo Credit: Saint Laurent

Make no mistake about it, the artwork is stunning and the shoe looks amazing, it’s exactly what we would expect from the famed design house. On the other hand, you’ll have a hard time weird this skate after you break both of your legs trying to show your new shoes off. Also, they cost $1,995.

This Is The Time We Live In

A pair of jeans cut up and a backside that looks like a thong? This is a thing that happened on the runway and people at the show probably loved it.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you can’t get enough of thongs this torn and tattered butt showing look might be right up your alley. We’d suggest not buying this overpriced strange concoction but to each their own. This “high fashion” piece eventually became available as a Halloween costume!

Detachable Jeans

Sick and tired of trying to find both the perfect pair of jeans and jean shorts? Tryout a pair of detachable jeans.

Sure you have to show off a little bit of butt to pull off this look but it’s definitely unique and will certainly turn some heads. We promised a lot of strange denim trends and we hope we’ve delivered on that promise.

Sleeves That Never Seem To End

Sleeves serve a very useful purpose, they keep us warm on cold days and nights. They are also pretty fashionable when worn with certain types of clothing.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Designers have went crazy with sleeves lately, creating shirts that have sleeves that never seem to end. This seems like a great way to get food all over your clothes. Not practical and ultimately very silly looking.

Really, Really Big Chanel Purses

You have a lot of stuff you want to carry around with you everywhere, and Chanel knows that. The purse maker has really pushed the limits on purse sizes in recent years.

Kristy Sparow/WireImage/Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic
Kristy Sparow/WireImage/Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

Some of these bags should come with a disclaimed for shoulder pain. It cannot be good for your alignment to carry around a bag this big!

Dress Like Your Grandparents in Tokyo

Every year, street fashion in Tokyo, Japan is guaranteed to surprise the rest of us. Bright colors, wild hairstyles, and layers upon layers are a few reoccurring trends, but the styles change year-to-year.

Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images
Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

These were two of the outfits featured in Tokyo Fashion Week in 2018 for men. We’re not sure where else you can find the yellow stitched dress on the left other than a senior woman’s closet.

Pants. Just Pants.

After low-waisted pants held the spotlight for years, high-waisted pants have finally made their way back. High waisted pants were the way to go in the 1950s and 1980s, and they’re being spotted once again.


These pants, however, are really, really high-waisted. In fact, she doesn’t even need a shirt. This trend leaves us with questions.

Sheer Shirts Leave Nothing To The Imagination

VCG/Thomas Concordia/Getty Images

This new trend might get some people in trouble. Sheer shirts are becoming more popular. Mostly seen in black, these shirts are totally see-through and aren’t appropriate for every occasion.

Many celebrities and models seen rocking this trend don’t wear anything underneath, either. We’re not sure why you’d want to sport this look, but it’s not one to try on a day you’re visiting your grandmother.

I Love My Rear End

A lot of active women have fallen in love with these heart leggings. This trend will have men craning their necks, trying to figure out if they’re starring at workout pants or an optical illusion.


Does she know it looks like there’s a heart on her rear? Yes, she knows, and she loves it.

Big Lips and the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge


Big lips are trending and some young women will do anything to get them. Reality TV star Kylie Jenner showed off her big lips and her following rapidly grew. Girls took to Instagram to try to figure out how to achieve the big lips. That’s when the #kyliejennerlipchallenge quickly grew and spread out of control.

Girls were sucking their lips into soda bottles in an attempt to make them swell up like lip injections. Others actually went through with the cosmetic injections.

Glitter Tongue


You’ve seen glitter beard, so now, behold glitter tongue. This trend is mostly for snapping a few photos, because honestly, how can you go about your daily life with a mouthful of glitter?

It’s rumored that this trend started in Australia when a makeup artist accidentally got it on her tongue. Anyone who’s attempted to recreate the look has had a difficult time not ingesting the toxic glitter!

Nude-Colored Pants


For whatever reason, nud-colored leggings are trending right now. Combine that with the popularity of wearing leggings and athletic wear basically everywhere, and we have some problems, folks.

This woman said many people thought she was naked. “Several people came up to me today and said they thought I didn’t have pants on 😲I guess the cute “rose” color I thought was so pretty makes me look naked 😩#gymfail.”

These Brazilian Swimsuits

Synchronized swimming is no stranger to interesting outfits and makeup. But these swimsuits donned by Brazilian swimmers made some take a closer look.

two synchronized swimmers pose in suits with circulatory system designs
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

Apparently the suits were worn in response to the skeletal ones worn by the Spanish team. Can’t say they weren’t keeping with the theme.

Men’s Crop Tops

We’re going to give this trend a hard pass as well. While crop tops have risen in popularity for women, we’d prefer if men continued to cover their belly. There’s no reason to show off happy trails and beer bellies.

Catwalking/Getty Images
Catwalking/Getty Images

Even when the guy has a six-pack, it’s just awkward to see a man with a short shirt and his stomach on display.

Spanish Legionnaires

You might look at this image and think that this man isn’t following the dress code…but that’s not the case.

man in uniform marching
Photo Credit: CURTO DE LA TORRE/AFP via Getty Images
Photo Credit: CURTO DE LA TORRE/AFP via Getty Images

The Spanish Legionnaires are allowed to unbutton and roll up the sleeves of their uniforms so many of them do.

Wait, the Fanny Pack is Back?

We understand buying a product strictly for functionality, but that’s not the case with this designer fanny pack. Neither the size or the placement of this pack is practical. It actually looks more like she’s trying to protect her stomach with this extra padding.

If you want to have your favorite items with you at all times, we suppose you might be interested.

Dry Cleaner Dress

Pinterest: harpersbazaar

If you already thought dry cleaning was expensive, then you’re probably not going to rush out and plop down $700 for this fashion trend.

Moschino unveiled this “cape sheer overlay dress” in their Fall 2017 collection which included several other designs made from actual garbage. The brand’s website describes this one as a “slip-on, sleeveless design.” We especially love the “We [heart] our customers” collar the model is wearing.