State Governor Steps In To Allow Woman To Keep Questionable License Plate

wendy in front of her car

It’s the “Live Free or Die” state, but some are now calling it the “Live Pee or Die” state after New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu stepped up to help a citizen with an unusual problem this week.

Rochester resident Wendy Auger has had a personalized license plate on her car for the past 15 years. It reads “PB4WEGO,” a humorous reference to hitting the potty before hitting the road. Recently, however, the Division of Motor Vehicles requested that Auger turn in the tag for violating New Hampshire’s Code of Administrative Rules. The code states that references to “excretory acts or functions” are prohibited. She appealed the decision by letter.

“Anybody who has seen it or comes across it — everybody smiles, gives a thumbs up, honks, takes pictures,” Auger later said to the Boston Globe. “There’s not one person who I can speak of who has ever been offended.”

Her state’s governor seems to agree that the plate is cute, rather than crass. Chris Sununu, who recently overruled state wildlife officials and saved a family of black bears from euthanasia, stepped in to Auger’s rescue. In a statement, he said, “Upon this being brought to my attention, I reached out to the Division of Motor Vehicles and strongly urged them to allow Wendy to keep the license plate she has had for the last 15 years. I recently left a message on her phone to share the good news that her plate will not be recalled.”

Auger wrote to the Globe that getting the governor’s voicemail message was “pretty cool.” “Woohoo!” she said. “I’m gonna rest now…after I pee.”