Why Don’t You Hear From Sinbad Anymore?

During the ’90s, it was like Sinbad was always on TV. From his cameos on TV shows to his specials, the comedian always found a way to make us laugh. Many remember him mainly from his role as the genie in Shazaam, but he has had much more work than that. After building up his career, Sinbad ran into some bumps in the road that contributed to his disappearance in the entertainment realm. Did you know that he filed for bankruptcy not once, but twice? There’s more to the story, so keep reading to get to the bottom of it!

The Origins Of David Adkins

Harry Langdon/Getty Images
Harry Langdon/Getty Images

David Adkins’ origin story began many decades ago. Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Nov. 10, 1956, the comedian had a reverend for a father. In his late twenties, Adkins married Meredith Fuller in 1985.

At the time of meeting Fuller, Adkins was in the U.S. Air Force working as a boom operator. The air force had the future comedic star stationed in Wichita McConnel Air Force base at the time. It wasn’t long before he and fuller would have two children named Paige and Royce Beckly Adkins.