She Didn’t Expect To Become A Marine, But What She Did After Took Everyone By Surprise

As a full-time college student with two part-time jobs during the recession, Shannon Ihrke felt that her future was hopeless. Looking for a way out of unpayable debt, Ihrke was driven to the U.S. Marine Corps. Many doubted that the blonde bombshell would even make it out of boot camp, but that only pushed Ihrke to prove them all wrong. After climbing the ranks and becoming “one of the guys,” Ihrke left the Marines and did something no one could believe.

From A Small Town In Minnesota

Shannon Ihrke grew up in a small town called Walker, in the northern part of central Minnesota. Growing up around nature, Ihrke spent her childhood horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and boating, all the while gaining skills very few girls her age had.

With know-how like this, it was easy for her to become “one of the guys.” Little did she know, these skills would come in handy one day in ways she couldn’t possibly imagine.

To A Working Student In The City

Growing up with a modest upbringing, Shannon Ihrke knew that she was ready for a change after graduating high school. She moved closer to the city when she enrolled at St. Cloud University for college, where she decided to pursue a marketing degree.

Like many young college students, Ihrke needed some cash to support herself and ended up taking on two jobs while going to school. Unfortunately, both jobs were hardly enough to pay her bills.

The Job Market Was Looking Dim

Working two jobs while attending college full-time is hard enough. It can be even more difficult to keep going if you felt like all your work wasn’t going anywhere.

“[My] manager at the clothing store where I was working had a law degree…. it was the recession – and I thought if she has a law degree and is working at a clothing store, there aren’t going to be any jobs for me when I graduate college,” Ihrke told Fox News.

Her College Counselor Gave Her An Idea

Worried that she would end up with no job and lots of debt, Ihrke went to her college counselor for advice. Thankfully they gave her a lightbulb idea.

“[The counselor] told me two people get college completely paid for – single moms and those in the military. I thought, well… [the first one] is out. But I thought about the military and so I went to a recruiting fair,” she told Fox News.

The Marine Corps Caught Her Eye

“I decided to research the different branches [of the military], and a Marine Corps recruiter caught me on the way out from talking to an Air Force recruiter,” Ihrke told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

When people see an attractive young woman like Ihrke, she’d be the last person you think you’d see at a recruiting fair for the military. Still, she was taken aback by what the Marine recruiter told her, which ultimately helped her decide what to do.

The Recruiter Doubted That Ihrke Would Make It

The Marine Corps recruiter took one look at Ihrke and basically told her she wouldn’t make it. She was told that their boot camp was twice as hard as all the other branches.

“He explained how tough the program is and said, ‘A girl like you probably wouldn’t make it through boot camp in the Marine Corps.’ …I took that as a challenge and asked, ‘Where do I sign up?’” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

She Was Off To Boot Camp

After signing up to join the U.S. Marine Corps, Shannon Ihrke was shipped off to South Carolina for boot camp. For three strenuous months, Ihrke was trained in various fields, including mixed martial arts and rifle training.

The rigorous training turned out to be one of the toughest experiences of her life, both physically and mentally, but she did whatever she could to prove to everyone that she could do it.

It Was Hard, But She Loved Boot Camp

Ihrke ended up loving the experience of boot camp and as it turned out, she had more support than she thought.

“When I got back I was just like, ‘I loved boot camp.’ I walked straight up to the recruiter and told him and he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I knew you’d be fine.’ I was stunned, but he told me he knew I had an alpha personality, and would do well,” she told Fox News.

Ihrke Found Boot Camp Empowering

If anything, Ihrke looks back on her time at boot camp as an empowering experience, especially as a woman. “I loved pushing myself. I realized how mentally and physically strong I really am, and it was an empowering feeling… I had drill instructors that were beautiful, smart women. They were amazing – and it motivated me even more,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.


But despite this, things weren’t easy when she joined the ranks of her male counterparts.

“You Have To Work Twice As Hard To Be Seen As An Equal”

“When people think of a Marine, they expect to see a man, but when I showed up to my unit, some people automatically thought that because I was a woman, I wouldn’t be able to keep up or be as good,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.


She continued, “So my goal was always to push myself to be as good if not better to show them you can be on the same level.”

Ihrke Knew She Had To Show Her Alpha Personality

Ihrke quickly learned that one of the toughest parts about military life is your mental strength. When she graduated boot camp and was assigned to her first unit, Ihrke knew what she had to do.

“I came in guns blazing in order to show that I wasn’t someone that could be pushed around, brushed off, or not taken seriously. It was hard but it was also completely necessary,” she told Daily Mail.

Ihrke Wanted To Prove Them All Wrong

“A lot of the Marines initially thought that I might not be able to keep up physically, or that I somehow wasn’t ‘as strong’ as them so I made it my mission to prove them wrong,” she told Daily Mail.

Ihrke reportedly started out as an administrative specialist stationed in South Carolina. She approached her service with determination and a go-getter attitude. Soon, her hard work would pay off as she quickly ascended military ranks.

She Was Able To Stay Close To Home

Eventually, Ihrke was transferred to Rock Island, Illinois, which allowed her to be closer to home. One of the hardest parts about military life is being away from loved ones, but thankfully, Ihrke was close enough to home that she wouldn’t have to miss too many great family milestones.


All the while, she continued to excel in her position as a Marine, achieving a feat that not all Marines can say they’ve done in two years.

Ihrke Was Promoted In No Time

In two years, Ihrke’s hard work landed her a promotion. “I was meritoriously promoted from E1 to E4,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. Irkhe ascended from private, to private first class, to lance corporal in two short years, which some people can’t even achieve in four.


As an E4, Ihrke also had increased leadership responsibilities. She was reportedly on Inspector-Instructor duty, but her new role in the Marines wasn’t the only thing she excelled at.

One Of Many Skills She Excelled At

As a Marine, Ihrke proved herself to be a sharpshooter. It was a skill that she had actually been working on since she was still living with her parents growing up.

“I always liked shooting guns. I grew up shooting guns with my dad, which is part of the reason I did so well in the rifle range when I was in the Marines,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. Growing up in the Midwest, using guns wasn’t something that was beyond her.

Ihrke Eventually Became A Sergeant

By 2016, Ihrke had achieved the rank of a sergeant. “It’s kind of natural to judge a book by its cover… But then, it makes you want to be as good, if not better than those people to show that you can keep up and you are equal,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

But four years into the military, Ihrke knew she still had other interests she wanted to pursue, one of them being the completion of her college degree.

Ihrke’s Service Made A Difference

After going through a moment of doubt in college, Shannon Ihrke knew that enlisting in the Marines was possibly the best thing she could have done for herself.

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem,” she told Daily Mail. Still, Ihrke was destined to accomplish so much more and what she did next was even more surprising.

Ihrke Started Modeling On The Side

Around the time she was promoted to sergeant, Ihrke began dabbling in modeling. Within her last six months of service, she started going out to photo shoots. Since she was still on active duty, she had to get clearance to attend the photoshoots on the weekends.

Ihrke has said that modeling was something she’s always wanted to do and when she started, she knew that she had something going for her in the field.

The Magazine Cover That Changed Everything

One day, Ihrke decided to enter a modeling contest put on by Maxim magazine.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Maxim
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Maxim

Maxim was having this contest called ‘Hometown Hotties,’ and I sent in my pictures. I never thought I would win… Once [I made] the final 10, they flew me out to Vegas for another shoot. And when they found out I was military, they said they wanted to do another special shoot with me,” she told Fox News.

“Saluting And Being Flirty Don’t Go Together”

Though her Maxim cover was a hit with her fellow veterans, many questioned Ihrke’s “irregular salute.” She explained while she did a proper one, the photographers wanted something more.

“[The] Maxim team wanted me to do a salute but still make it flirty and fun at the same time. At first, I did a normal, correct salute but it wasn’t working for them so they asked me [to] change it up a bit,” she told G.I. Jobs.

Ihrke Went Back To School After She Was Discharged

Ihrke decided to take on modeling full-time and was honorably discharged from the Marines after four years of service. She was able to complete her degree and graduated from Elmhurst College with a bachelor’s in marketing.

Thanks to the GI Bill, Ihrke was able to finish college without any debt, which was her main concern in the first place. If not for that, she wouldn’t have joined the Marines, so it’s as if everything came full circle.

Ihrke’s Lucky Break

Meanwhile, Ihrke kept going after modeling opportunities. She entered the annual Loop Rock Girl competition, put on by Chicago’s biggest classic rock radio station.

“I ended up winning the competition, and when it got close to my term being over, the station asked if instead of me being the ‘2013 Loop Rock Girl’ that I remain the Loop Rock Girl from here on out! I was able to turn a temporary gig into my permanent job!” she told G.I. Jobs.

The Loop Rock Girl Gained A Huge Following

Being the Loop Rock Girl full-time has helped Ihrke establish herself as a model. Through her shoots and appearances at events, she has gained quite a following.

“Every year I make a new Loop Rock Girl calendar, model for lots of photo shoots, attend tons of radio station events, maintain my social media accounts as well as create a weekly blog, I talk on our station’s morning show regularly… It’s honestly the best job,” she told G.I. Jobs.

Ihrke Could Finally Embrace Her Girly Side

Ihrke is clearly embracing the beauty that she was born with. After being in the Marines for so long, it felt like she could finally open up a different side of herself.

“After being in the Marine Corps for four years and not really getting to dress up much, not wearing makeup, having your hair pulled back every day… it’s fun to feel glamorous and show another side of me,” she told G.I. Jobs.

Her Fellow Marines Still Have Her Back

As a model, Ihrke still thinks of friends from the Corps. Many can’t believe that the sergeant who used to yell at them is now a bombshell on the cover of Maxim.

“Marines that I’ve worked with in the past are asking me to sign calendars and magazines for them and their friends now, and that’s kind of weird but very cool at the same time because it shows how supportive they are!” she told G.I. Jobs.

Her Parents Weren’t Keen On Her New Gig

Not everyone was supportive of Ihrke’s new job, however. Her own parents weren’t pleased to see their daughter in such racy shoots.

“My family is a very Christian conservative family originally from a small town in Minnesota. When I started modeling, my mom said, ‘I don’t know about that.’ She wanted me to stay in the Marine Corps. They’re super-supportive now. My dad took pictures of himself holding a stack of the [Maxim] magazines.”

Ihrke Knew She Had To Try Something New

Ihrke knew that she had to follow her dreams, otherwise she might regret not even having tried. Still, she acknowledges that the Marines Corps has forever shaped her life and she will never forget it.

“Had I not had other dreams I still wanted to accomplish in my life I would have re-enlisted without hesitation… and although I am no longer on active duty, I will always bleed green,” she told New York Post.

The Marine Corps Will Always Be Her Family

When she looks back on life in the Marine Corps, Ihrke remembers her fellow Marines as the best part about the Corps. She considers them family.

“It’s a family in every sense of the word. You live together, eat together, workout together, hang out on your spare time together, fight with each other, and you’ll still do anything for each other whether you like each other or not,” she told G.I. Jobs.

Ihrke Still Trains As Hard As A Marine

As a Marine, Ihrke was accustomed to working out on a regular basis, which has certainly benefitted her modeling career. She reflected that when she started out as a Marine, she pushed her body harder than she ever has.

As a model, she adheres to a regular exercise schedule, as well as horseback riding. “I love running and working out – I’ve always been an athlete. If I’m not training horses, I’m at the gym,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

Forget About Dieting

Ihrke may have a rigorous training schedule to maintain her body for modeling, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to live a little. Though she works out four times a week, she doesn’t stick to any diets.

“My [favorite] foods include prime rib, bananas foster, french silk pie, and I’ve been known to crave a Big Mac or [two]! I do a lot of cooking and baking,” she told Daily Mail.

Ihrke Is Involved With Military Charities

As a veteran, the U.S. Marines will always have a place in Ihrke’s heart. Being a spokesmodel, Ihrke often works with military charities as a way to keep in touch with that side of herself.

“I’m still involved in several military charities and work closely with the Chicago Marine Corps Foundation, which supports giving scholarships to kids that have dads or moms that were wounded or passed away in the military,” she told Fox News.

Ihrke Has Taken Up Horse Training, Too

Outside of modeling and her reign as Chicago’s Loop Rock Girl, Ihrke lives a more low-key life. She’s gone back to her small town roots in Minnesota, where she trains horses full-time. She also works with her county sheriff’s department’s “horse posse.”

“I have about six horses right now, and I am training for roping competitions,” she told Yahoo! Lifestyle. If anything, it’s just another way that she keeps fit for all of her modeling endeavors.

The Transition To Civilian Life Was Difficult

Though it may seem like Ihrke’s transition from Marine to model was seamless, she admits that it wasn’t that easy. It was hard to make her own decisions after being told what to do all the time.

“The Marine Corps decided where I lived and for how long, how much I made, where I ate, when to work out… Civilian life forces you to make your own decisions, and that was really hard for me,” she told G.I. Jobs.

She Tells Veterans Not To Get Discouraged

Ihrke has also commented on the misconception that life is easy for young veterans entering a regular job. Ihrke knows that while there are benefits that come with being a veteran, a lot of what happens afterward is completely up to you.

“You have to put together a great resume, work your tail off, and let any rejection you might receive motivate you instead of discourage you,” she told G.I. Jobs.

“I Became Part Of Something Bigger Than Myself And I Loved It”

Ihrke has said that her time in the Marine Corps has shaped her life. Although it was grueling at first, she persevered, remembering who she was really doing it all for.

“Some Marines fight for our politicians, but most, do not. We fight for our families, our friends, and most of all – for our brothers and sisters to the left and right of us in uniform,” she told Daily Mail.

She Was A Hard Working Student-Athlete

Go to any given track and field event and you’re bound to see hundreds of athletes competing. In 2007, Stokke was one of these athletes you would just see passing by at a track meet.


Working part-time modeling in high school, Stokke also put in a lot of work to make a name for herself pole vaulting, breaking countless records along the way. Soon, things changed drastically once a photographer captured the perfect photo of her. It was like she became a national sensation overnight.

Who Exactly Is She?

On March 22, 1989, the future star pole vaulter Allison Stokke was born. She grew up with her parents and older brother out in California, and she was surrounded by sports since her youth. Her brother David was great at gymnastics and competed at the national level.

Stokke was also pushed into the world of gymnastics due to the success of her brother. She tried it, but soon learned it wasn’t the sport for her. Thus, making her go out and find a sport she would enjoy.

Finding Her Calling

Sometimes, finding the thing you’re passionate about only takes one try. After searching for a sport she would enjoy, Stokke instantly fell in love with pole vaulting the moment she picked up the pole and started running with it.


What makes it even better is that Stokke believed she would be great at pole vaulting. Perfecting her craft immediately, Stokke soon became one of the youngest and most successful around the country. At 15-years-old, Stokke won the U.S. title by clearing 12.5 feet!

The Freshman With The Records

During Stokke’s freshman year, she pushed herself extremely hard to better her skills and herself. It all ended up paying off when she began breaking her own records. It started when she improved her 12.5 jump and jumped 12 feet and eight inches.


After her freshman year, Stokke raised the bar again (literally.) She cleared 13 feet and five inches which is a whole foot higher than her U.S. title winning jump she accomplished at only 15.

The Accomplished Senior

When Stokke’s senior year arrived, you can imagine she had a ton of activities to juggle. Along with her studies, she also had a strenuous training schedule to stay on top of. It never slowed her down as she knew it was all worthwhile. She was slowly but surely becoming a nationally recognized pole vaulter.


Stokke was running through her leagues like clockwork winning medal after medal. Her senior year was also the year she topped her record again! She jumped over a whopping 13 feet and six inches.

The Infamous Picture

Life seemed to be going so well for the young star. Then in 2007, things went in the wrong direction after someone took a picture of her during a pole vaulting event. Stokke was only 17 at the time. The photo consisted of her waiting on the runway for her turn.


Not too long after, the photo was posted online and a blog called “With Leather” reposted it. Their clientele is all men, and their content is usually young women. That was a recipe for disaster.

Allison The Internet Sensation

The blog that reposted the photograph already had a shady reputation and made things worse with the demeaning caption they used. They didn’t highlight Stokke’s actual talent, but you can imagine how they framed it. As a result, the picture had a negative impact on Stokke’s life.


After becoming a viral across multiple platforms and seeing the impact it was having on Stokke, the original photographer tried to take action. He spoke with the original website and threatened to sue if they didn’t remove the photo. Unfortunately, it was too late, as the internet had already claimed the picture…

Crushing On Allison

As the first photo was making its rounds on the internet, Stokke fan clubs and websites started to surface (from one picture?) The strange part is that these sites and clubs began to uncover other images of Stokke to post on their websites, giving the people more to enjoy.

facebook-as-well-21617 (1)

Comments on these pictures would be from men talking about how Stokke was their internet crush. Slowly but surely, these websites grew even larger, and Stokke was stuck in the middle of this media onslaught.

Gaining International Traction

The power of the internet is real. Pretty soon, Stokke’s name was being mentioned overseas. She had officially gained an international fanbase, whether she wanted it or not. The blogs and websites continued to post Stokke, but on a larger scale now.


The Washington Post and the New York Times eventually posted her. Germany and the UK started broadcasting about Stokke, her photo, and all of her internet fame. Australia even featured her on one of their popular talk shows.

Attempting To Take Control

Stokke became disturbed by all of this attention stemming from the wrong place. After spending so many years perfecting her craft just to become noticed for something other than that can be quite infuriating. Afterall, this all happened without her permission.


Soon, she had to put on her game face and take matters into her own hands. She soon found out that the internet was too powerful to overcome. Stokke had to hire a manager in charge of taking care of all her calls and emails.

Organizing An Interview

Sometimes, trying to douse the fire only spreads it even more. When Stokke went into action trying to prevent her name from being circulated for the wrong reasons, she didn’t expect it would backfire.


Stokke set up an interview with a large media outlet to help shift the focus on her. In the interview, she discussed pole vaulting matter solely and gave tips to budding women in the field. Sadly, commenters on the YouTube video continued to bring up her beauty and physique.

Receiving Help From Her Father

Realistically, Stokke couldn’t handle this whole mess by herself. Luckily, Stokke’s father was a practicing lawyer who made it his sole mission to keep strangers and danger away from his daughter. The last thing Stokke wanted was unwanted attention.


Her dad went on YouTube for hours marking potentially threatening people who left comments on videos involving his daughter. He was checking to see if anything said was illegal. Removing the immediate danger didn’t help with the lasting issues, however.

CBS Network’s Attempt To Help

In light of all that Stokke had to deal with, she still attempted to find the positives in a crowd of negatives. The photos of her were still going viral, so CBS tried to use her situation as somewhat of a warning to other young women.


Their broadcast highlighted how easy it was to make vulnerable young women public figures with the snap of a picture. No consent is needed, so CBS highlighted the dangers of this caused by social media and the internet at large.

Hard Work Down The Drain?

Athletes might be able to relate to this more. Actually, anyone that has put countless hours into anything will understand as well. The fact that this viral photo cast a massive shadow over Stokke’s true talent made her quite upset.


After all those years of beating her own records and building a buzz, Stokke’s life of pole vaulting was almost nonexistent to the public eye. One search on Google for her and you would get one million results on her by 2010. The vast majority of these results were not about her sport.

The College Life

After all that unnecessary attention Stokke obtained, she was ecstatic to get out of the limelight for a while during her time in college. With those phenomenal pole vaulting skills, she earned a full scholarship to UC Berkeley. This allowed her to stay close to family and friends in California.


During this time, the star athlete kept a profile so low, you would have thought she fell off the map. She rarely posted on her social media accounts, and this allowed her to stay out of sight, out of mind for a few years.

Still Up To Her Old Tricks

With attempts to stay away from the media and press, Stokke channeled her attention back on the pole vaulting runway and school work. With her determination, she excelled in both fields as she was able to in high school as well.


By the time she was done competing in college at Cal, she had earned a masters degree in sociology, and set new records in track. Every competition she was in, Stokke would religiously place in the top ten.

Olympic Hopeful?

As Stokke sharpened her skills over the years, 2012 was fast approaching. Any athlete who takes their sport seriously will tell you that the Olympics is on their mind. Stokke trained harder than she ever had leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London.


When the time came to qualify for the Olympics, there Stokke was, ready to perform. Sadly, she slimly missed the mark and her chance to represent America. The part that had to hurt is that she’s cleared 14 feet before, but she couldn’t get it when it mattered most.

Stokke Takes On Modeling… She’s A Natural!

2015 was the year Stokke decided to put her pole vault aside and throw herself into her modeling career. Remember, she did this part-time in high school, so it wasn’t too unfamiliar for her. She finally chose to respond to the numerous brands asking her to model their clothes.


That same year, she ended up on Nike’s spring and summer collections and worked for the sports brand, Athleta. Is it really a surprise that she quickly took the modeling world by storm?

Inhale The Love

It seems like Stokke knows how to cause a fuss on the internet without even trying. At the end of 2016, she was making headlines again as it looked like she and Rickie Fowler were more than just friends. They were seen together at the Motocross Grand Pix, cozied up.


The speculations grew even more significant after the pair posted pictures of them together on their social media sites. That deed pretty much seals the deal in today’s society.

A Picture Perfect Relationship

If you’re unaware of who Rickie Fowler is, no worries. He’s a professional golfer who just isn’t as popular as some of the others. One thing that he and his girlfriend Stokke have in common is that they both gained some level of attention through a viral photo.


It took months for the speculation to die down, but soon enough one of Rickie’s teammates spilled the beans on the “secret” relationship. After the couple’s business became public, their love did as well.

Fowler and Stokke Are Engaged

On June 8, 2018, Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke announced that they were engaged. After dating for around a year, Stokke posted an image on Instagram of Fowler bent on one knee on the beach, and her falling to her knees to say yes.


Elated, she captioned the image, “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And happy national best friend day to my best best best friend! I love you!!!” Even without knowing either of them personally, it’s easy to see the love between the two professional athletes.

Of Course She Can Golf

Being the incredibly talented athlete that she is, Allison Stokke wasn’t shy to pick up a golf club and join her future hubby on the links. While not all wives of golf pros enjoy their significant others’ passion, Stokke dove right in.


Here she is in Jersey City, New Jersey, looking like a complete natural with a swing full of prowess. Random members of the press won’t dare hassle her now, as her athlete stardom is on lock down.

She’ll Caddy For Her Man

While in Augusta, Georgia for Fowler’s Masters Golf Tournament in April 2018, Stokke showed her support. Not only did she travel with him and show up to watch, Stokke donned the caddy uniform with a big smile.


There’s no doubt that others are inspired by the young couple joking around and having so much fun while achieving their dreams. It’s obvious that their fame has not gone to their heads, and they are still down to earth.

They Moved To Florida, And They’re Doing Just Fine

Allison Stokke was born and raised in Newport Beach, California, and attended college in Berkeley, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fowler also grew up in Southern California, in Murrieta, located just inland of the coastal area Stokke grew up.


Instead of opting to settle down in their native Southern California, however, like many golfers, Fowler made the move to Florida, and Stokke went with him. Still living by the beach with amazing warm weather to enjoy the outdoors, the couple seems to be acclimating well to their new home.

Together, They Train Like Champions

Part of what makes Stokke and Fowler’s relationship so strong is that they both have strong drive and discipline, and love working out. They’ve settled into a new gym space in Florida where they spend quality time working out and pushing each other.


“Feels good to get back at it! Got myself an East Coast training partner too,” Stokke posted to Instagram. Having someone to work out with can help with motivation and morale, and now these two will have each other forever.

She’s A Voice For Female Athletes

When she’s not pushing herself to be the best person and athlete she can be, Stokke is being a voice for women’s sports. She recognizes the struggles that comes with being a young woman, and has read the research to know that young girls need the extra push and support to stick with their sports.


She posted to Instagram, “Did you know that by the age of 14 girls drop out of sports at two times the rate of boys? We have lows and highs–probably more disappointment than success–but it’s all about how we overcome and move forward to ultimately improve! This is an example of a recent mishap, i.e., pole break, resulting in a broken finger and a few weeks away from pole vaulting. This has me sidelined for a bit, but I will be back even stronger. Let’s inspire the next generation of girls to redefine what it means to be powerful!”

She’s The Ultimate Fitspo

With social media in full force, people are turning to Instagram and Pinterest for fitness inspiration. The tag #fitspo has over 58 million photos tagged on Instagram! Stokke is aware of this, but doesn’t play into the hype.


Instead of flaunting her abs in gym selfies, Stokke’s social media presence consists of strong imagery in her workouts, and fell-good, active lifestyle posts. Although she has a killer bod that other women envy, her social media is about power and inclusivity.

She Surrounds Herself With Positive, Fit People

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that you’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. If that’s true, Stokke has definitely set herself up for success. When she’s not training with her future hubby or coaches, she’s hitting the gym with her equally-athletic friends.


One of her friends is Shaylah Simpson, who is also a professional pole vaulter. She’s just as active and outdoorsy as Stokke, and together they push each other to be their best.

Reveling In Her Accomplishments

While staying humble and grounded, Allison Stokke is also enjoying all that she’s accomplished in her 29 years. While few athletes make it to the highly competitive collegiate level that she did, even fewer make it beyond that.


Stokke has put in the hard work to set-up a bright future for herself, and continuing an athletic career that she can be proud of. She photographs well as a strong female and is doing her family and sponsors proud.

The Sky Is The Limit

The future is bright and wide open for 29-year-old Allison Stokke. She’s set herself up for success and found the love of her life in the process. As her modeling and athletic career push forward, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of Allison.


While she may not have chosen the way she gained international recognition, now that the world knows who Stokke really is, they love her even more. This is the story of a young woman who took control of her life and made it the best it could possibly be.