Shaq Attack! Get To Know The Big Man Like Never Before

Shaquille O’Neal, The Big Aristotle, The Big Conductor, Shaq Daddy, or simply Shaq, is larger than life. His dominance on the basketball court isn’t the only thing that quantifies his dominance. No, O’Neal has expended tons of energy across many mediums and kicked tail at everything. From his early music career, being a sheriff, and making movies; to earning his doctorate, Shaq likes to handle his business. His life is nothing short of a thrill as he’s always up to something. See if you can keep up with The Big Shaqtus.

Young Shaq Was Raised by his Sergeant Stepdad



Shaq was born in Newark, New Jersey on March 6, 1972. The future star was only an infant when his father had to go to jail for drug possession. His stepfather Philip A. Harrison assumed custody of young Shaq. He was a Sergeant in the army.

The basketball legend grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Robert G. Cole High School. There, he had a dominant high school basketball career. Of the 69 games he played, he led the team to win 68 of them. His skills were ahead of the league, allowing him to earn a scholarship to play for the LSU Tigers…