Secrets & Scandals Of America’s First Ladies

Throughout history, Americans look to First Ladies as revered, respectable and incredibly interesting women. We wonder what their lives were like before their husbands accepted the most powerful position in the world and we wonder about their lifestyles while they lived in the White House. The First Ladies were all held to a very high standard but they have their own secrets and scandals. Check out what these First Ladies did to make them scandalous.

Harriet Lane

Technically, Harriet Lane wasn’t a First Lady but her uncle, President John Buchanan, never wed so Lane fulfilled the duties of a First Lady throughout Buchanan’s presidency. By the time she was 11 years old, she was orphaned and requested to be put under the guradianship of her “favorite uncle,” James Buchanan. Buchanan is the only unmarried man ever to serve as president and according to National First Ladies Library, Lane was the first woman to be given the title of “First Lady” because she was his niece and people didn’t really know how to address her. She held the title from 1857 to 1861.