Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Secrets From The TV Show ‘Shipping Wars’

When it first debuted, the A&E series Shipping Wars seemed like a rather boring idea for a TV show. It features a bunch of independent shippers bidding on products they must then deliver to their final destination.

Starring Roy Garber and his show-stealing cat Muffy, Shipping Wars somehow managed to ride high on the personalities of its stars and ultimately aired for 100 episodes with an average viewership of one million fans per show. Along the way, there are many secrets that have made themselves known, both about the show itself and the various people who have regularly appeared on Shipping Wars.

Scripted Bidding Was A Reality

Staged Bidding

Dramatizing reality TV has become so common that it’s almost hard to call what we watch “reality.” Shipping Wars was no exception. Predetermined bid prices were already in place at the time of filming so the scramble to bid was nothing more than a staged bit of reality TV theater.

With that being said, the items being shipped were from real customers and the bid prices likely still fell in line with what the independent shippers on the show would have received in real life. Need more proof? Why was it only members of the show bidding on items from a publicly available shipping platform?