Secrets And Drama From Johnny Carson And The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson helped shaped what we know now as the typical late-night television format, i.e., a host interviewing a guest star. And while this particular talk show was a staple of its time, it had its fair share of issues.

From Carson’s four failed marriages to a guest star he couldn’t stand, the late-night talk show host was far from perfect. Keep reading; some of these behind-the-scenes secrets might surprise you!

Johnny Carson And The Toilet Paper Shortage Of 1973

Johnny Carson And The Toliet Paper Shortage Of 1973
Archive Photos/Getty Images
Archive Photos/Getty Images

If you thought 2020 was the only toilet paper shortage in the history of America, you’d be sorely mistaken. In December of 1973, Johnny Carson made a joke on his late-night television show about an alleged toilet paper shortage.

With the millions of viewers his program had, the joke sparked panic. Stores were cleared of toilet paper, resulting in manufacturers having to ration their supplies until the panic died down. The New York Times said the incident was a classic example of how rumors are spread.