Scarred For Life: A Collection of the Most Cringe-Worthy Tattoos of All Time

“He Touched So Many”

Yes, we are starting the list off with a bang! This what we assume to be a Michael Jackson tattoo, which is bad for a number of reasons. Are we sure that is actually Michael Jackson and definitely not Peter Pan? Even though, allegedly, Michael Jackson was a huge fan of Peter Pan and actually modeled many of his surgeries after a cartoon character.

Second, the line “he touched so many,” with all of the various child sexual abuse allegations, this is probably not the best choice of words. Maybe, that’s what they are going for and it’s all a joke? The world may never know. Only one thing is certain and that’s Michael Jackson certainly did make some great music and the world has never seen another pop star like him.

Gorilla Head

This tattoo is actually pretty good as far as the actual tattoo quality goes. However, there are many other questionable things about this tattoo. How does one choose to use his bald spot as a canvas for a tattoo? Did he really want to draw more attention to what is not usually considered a highly desirable asset?

For this particular bald spot tattoo, it looks like they actually extended the bald spot to make it longer so the whole gorilla face would fit. Wow! There is also a third way of looking at this and that this guy isn’t even bald but just wanted a gorilla tattooed into his head. Anyway, you look at it, it’s a bizarre choice, for sure.

Never Don’t Give Up

This person obviously felt very strongly about the sentiment but was not quite able to execute perfectly with what is currently acceptable in the English language. Unless he his actually a hidden Shakespeare fan and is simply trying to bring back the use of double negatives.

You know the day will come when some asks him about his tattoo and points out his not so impeccable use of English grammar. Actually, when you think about it, this is the perfect tattoo for him. “Never don’t give up” on life, especially on learning how to use the language you are probably a native speaker of, then again maybe he was opting for a funny tattoo in the first place.

Centaur Patrick Swayze

Now it’s clear with this tattoo that whoever has it placed on their body was actually trying to be funny. This looks like Patrick Swayze when he appeared on Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley in a skit acting like they were Chippendales dancers. If you haven’t seen the skit, we highly recommend it and it can be found on YouTube.

However, instead of just a normal Swayze they made him into a centaur, meaning his lower half has become that of a horse. Historians believe that the origin of this may have come from a non-horse riding culture when they viewed a culture that did ride horses – thus, the riders looked as though they were half-man-half-horse. The rainbows really top off this majestic creation!

Hello Kitty Jesus

This is the most disturbing tattoo this far on the list. How does one even come up with an idea like Hello Kitty Jesus? The message says it all, “Hello Kitty is my Jesus”, but really? How does one become so obsessed with Hello Kitty that they actually worship it like Jesus?

That is some definite fan commitment right there. The even worse part of this tattoo is that they made Hello Kitty look like Jesus, complete with crucifixion markings and a crown of thorns. There is something terrifying about combining macabre images of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion with that of a cartoon cat, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Shark Armpit

Okay, so you have probably seen the image of the person who got their severed arm turned into a dolphin head per the magic of a tattoo. That tattoo is making the best of a bad situation if you will. However, this tattoo is like that tattoos demented cousin.

Why anyone would tattoo their armpit is beyond me, and even worse when it is of a shark eating a baby! She will never be able to raise her hand to answer a question in class again, without having a whole bunch of questions launched in her direction. But let’s look at the bright side, at least she can hide the tattoo when she goes on job interviews!

No Regerts

Some of our all-time favorite bad tattoos ever are the ones with the ridiculous misspellings. It just seems like that would be something you might want to double check before having it permanently inscribed on your body, you know? This one is definitely in the hall of fame because of the saying being tattooed on a human person’s actual arm.

“No regerts” was clearly intended to read “no regrets.” Unfortunately, this person surely has at least one regret and that is the spelling of this unfortunate tattoo. Although maybe this person is really a diehard about the whole no regrets thing, and they were just using this tattoo as an example of living life to the most extreme. Let’s hope.

Weird Hairline

This guy has a tattoo of a weird hairline in place of where is receding one is, which is both sad and unfortunate. Clearly, he has some insecurity issues to get a tattoo of a hairline in the first place. However, he also has dreads which are definitely a bold hair choice especially for someone with his pallor of skin. In fact, this is considered by many to be cultural appropriation.

It looks like they didn’t shade enough of it in however unless the weight of the dreads caused his hairline to move even further back. Or perhaps he was simply trying to look like one of the Star Trek villains. Whatever the case may be, follow your dreams hairline guy!

McDonald’s Receipt

Okay, so we have definitely seen it all now. This person actually got a McDonald’s receipt tattooed on their arm. And we thought the shark armpit was ridiculous. We are trying to think of what the reasoning behind such a tattoo would be, but we’re definitely coming up short.

Maybe it was the best cheap first date of all time and they just had to remember what they ordered. On the other hand, that looks like a pretty long receipt. Maybe it was the biggest order ever. If anyone is happy about this tattoo it is probably McDonald’s for getting the free advertising! This one is definitely one of the funniest on the list.

The Drake Superfan

If you want to see commitment, this girl literally got Drake tattooed on her forehead. In case you’re wondering, Drake is the uber famous Canadian rapper and former teen actor. It’s always funny to think of where Drake started, as a character named Jimmy on the teen show Degrassi, which isa far cry from today’s smooth lady’s man image he likes to project.

And apparently, this girl loves him so much she decided to get his name tattooed on her forehead forever! Wow. I wonder how much this costs to laser off? Drake actually commented on this fiasco criticizing the tattoo artist in a rant laden with profanity. Well, at least this ordeal got her noticed by her favorite rapper!

The Truthful Tattoo

This person got a tattoo of fast food, pizza and a soda to be specific, and the words “I’m here for a good time, not for a long time!” Is this the new YOLO (You Only Live Once)? This tattoo is actually pretty hilarious. At least they recognize their own faults and bad habits.

It would be interesting to know the age of the person with this tattoo. Maybe we can revisit this person in ten years and see if they will have changed their tune. Perhaps by then they will have gotten kale and quinoa tattooed on the other arm with the words “I’m in it for the long-haul!”

Waldo Lionel Richie

This is a personal favorite on the list, the Lionel Richie Where’s Waldo mashup. Perhaps it’s not so much a bad tattoo but rather an absolutely amazing one! The line “Hello, is it me you’re looking for,” is of course from Lionel’s famous 1980s song “Hello.”

The music video for the song is also iconic because it shows the story of a blind student with whom Richie has fallen in love. It’s revealed that she has been sculpting a bust of Lionel’s head which actually bears little resemblance to him. Anyway, the line compared with classic kid’s books Where’s Waldo where you search for Waldo in a crowd of people is just too hilarious. Great job whoever you are, on a bad tattoo done (kind of) well.

“Bad Decisions”

This guy got his entire back tattooed with the phrase “Clearly I have made some bad decisions.” Great for you, I guess? Why someone would have such a ridiculous tattoo emblazoned on their body is hard to tell but this one pretty much just spells it out.

Maybe he lost a bet after making a bad decision or perhaps this tattoo was his way of reminding himself not to make other bad decisions? Let’s hope this gentleman does better in the future, or at least he can always look at his back in the mirror if he needs a reminder. If there is a silver lining in this tattoo it’s that at least everything is spelled correctly!


This is one of those horribly bad portrait tattoos that looks nothing like the original photo. If you want to get a portrait done, it’s probably best to shell out the big bucks and go to someone who knows what they are doing otherwise you’ll end up with something like this monstrosity.

This person went in trying to get a photo of their baby in a Santa hat on their arm and came out with something that vaguely looks like the famous meme, the frog Pepe. Wouldn’t you be upset if a tattoo artist did something like this to you?


This tattoo went viral on the internet back in 2009. This young Belgian woman by the name of Kimberly Vlaminck originally claimed she only wanted a few stars on her face and the tattoo artist put 56 of them after she fell asleep. Yikes!

Well, the reality was a little bit different as the then 19-year-old actually lied to her parents and the media about the stars and that she really requested all 56. Wow! What’s worse, that tattoo or the lying?! The young woman has since had them lasered off and claims to have begun a new chapter of her life.

Trump Baby

This repugnant tattoo just has to be the result of a lost bet because there can’t be any other reason why someone would want this on their body. It’s actually a pretty nicely done tattoo of Trump’s face as it looks just like him. But why would you want his face on your body?

And even worse than that it’s his face on a baby body, for who knows what reason, with money in the background. Perhaps there is some hidden deeper meaning or perhaps the person just lost an election bet. Either way, this is one heinous tattoo!

Freddie Mercury?

File this away as another bad portrait. This looks like an attempt of the late great Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. However, it looks more like when you accidentally spill water on a printed photo and all of the colors run making it into an unintelligible blob. Freddie Mercury was an amazing performer who passed away from AIDS complications in 1991.

A film is now currently in pre-production about his life and is set to film in 2017. Previously, Sasha Baron Cohen was set to star but due to creative differences that project was scrapped. Now, Emmy award winning actor Rami Malek will be in the title role. Surely this tattoo holder will be first in line to see the film!

Twilight Eyes

Remember when the Twilight mania was everywhere? Some people called themselves “twihards” back then meaning diehard Twilight fans, and they still exist in various corners of the internet. Just like people who swear that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are married with three children that they hide from the world.

Seriously, these people really exist, as do the “twi-moms,” older women who love Twilight. This woman got Twilight with what looks to be Robert Pattison’s eye’s tattooed on her back. Creepy! We wonder if she regrets this tattoo now or if she is still in love with the series as when it came out?

Cow Bum

We almost want to present this one without comment, because … Well, take a look for yourself. Really? This is the image you want on your body forever? Why?! As if the image itself isn’t repulsive enough, the artist even included flies swarming around as though it really smells horrible.

This is not exactly what you want someone to think when you take your shirt off when you’re hanging out at the neighborhood pool. Do you think this is another regret for this guy or do you think he loves it showing it off as much as possible? This one is truly a nauseating image!

“It’s is my life”

And finally to end this list, yet another grammar mistake. “It’s is my life,” which is basically saying it is is my life. And that is fine if that’s what you’re going for but we’re pretty sure that’s not what Bon Jovi is singing. And we are also pretty sure that Jon Bon Jovi isn’t named Jon Bovi, but hey it’s pretty close.

The misspelling of the name makes us think that this was totally a joke or that the tattoo artist was definitely playing a joke on the guy who wanted this tattoo. But hey, it’s your life and if you want to get a bad Bon Jovi tattoo, then that’s your prerogative. What do you think the man himself, Jon Bon Jovi, would think of this one?

When Millennials Take it Too Far

What we have here is a millennial that decided to get their love for all things avocado tattooed on them for life. Apparently, simply posting pictures on Instagram of their avocado toast or letting everyone know how much they love guacamole just isn’t enough. Nope, they have to get it tattooed, and not just anywhere, but their armpit.

This tattoo is a real home-run. I hope whoever got this gets free guacamole for life at Chipotle after this bold move. I didn’t know it was possible, but this person may have just managed to make avocados unappealing. Thanks, man.

Marilyn, What Happened?

We can’t be totally sure who this is. It appears as though it started off as Marilyn, but then something went horribly, horribly wrong. Maybe some anti-itch cream, perhaps? She looks like a decomposing corpse that was left out in the sun. Was this the intent? Hopefully not.

Either way, it takes a certain type of person to want to have this overused picture of Marilyn Monroe tattooed on them for life, and something tells me this isn’t their only horrendous tattoo. More likely than not, they don’t even really know who Marilyn Monroe is other than “she’s hot”.

Time of Whose Life?

Oh man, where do we even start? The band, or the tattoo? There’s nothing wrong with having a favorite band, there’s even nothing wrong with even being obsessed with your favorite band. However, there is something wrong with getting a full-blown back tattoo of your favorite band that looks like it was drawn by an 8th grader.

If the tattoo didn’t say Green Day in its questionable tramp stamp location, who knows what this tattoo is about. I hope it looked better on paper and that this was a huge mess-up, because if not, there are no words for this guy or his love for Green day.

Checkerboard Face

This guy went so far as to get his entire face inked. It must have been a brutal session to sit through- even his eyelid and lip are tattooed.

We hope this guy already found the love of his life, and she loves him regardless because we have a feeling he’s going to have a hard time meeting any women now. We wonder if he took inspiration from the checkered tapestry in the background.

Down For The Cause!

Sometimes once you’re inked up past the point of no return, you can get away with some crazy tattoos with no questions asked. However, when your skin is as clear as they day you were born and you get “Jeb 4 Prez” tattooed on your neck, it might raise some eyebrows.

Is this for Jeb Bush, maybe a friend running for senior class president? I guess it doesn’t even matter. All this guy can do is hope that some serious beard growing genes run in his family or that tattoo removal technology skyrockets ASAP.

I Mustache-You About Your Tattoo

Something tells me that this isn’t actually a tradition that his entire family participates in. If it is, that must be quite the Christmas card. But hey, at least this isn’t his only face tattoo. He also has a pretty star, and even what looks like a filled in rectangle on his temple.

All kinds of good decisions here. It’s tattoos like this that make me wonder if tattoo artists have any form of moral compass to maybe suggest that he should sleep on it before he decides to get something like this done to his face.

Hot Dog Fonz

The Happy Days reference we get, but what’s with the lack of love for the ketchup bottle? These must be the hot dog purists who believe mustard is the only appropriate condiment for the weenies.

I’m sure that at one point in time, this tattoo seemed like a brilliant idea to this hot dog lover, but sometimes you need to think outside of the moment and into the future. is your future wife (if you find one) really going to be okay with you sporting that at the neighborhood pool party, or is it still going to be funny in 20 years? Probably not.

Chuck Taylor Forever

Either this person really, really, REALLY likes red high top converse, or they’re in the middle of the process to becoming a real-life cartoon character. No matter what the answer is, this tattoo was a mistake.

They could’ve just gotten a simple All-Star logo somewhere on their body to commemorate this timeless show, but no, they had to actually have it tattooed on their foot. Also, if you’re going to go this far, you might as well get the whole shoe tattooed.half of it is missing so it looks dumber than it already is.

Eye Want A New Mom!

You know a tattoo is a fail when even a newborn baby recognizes how bad it is. This infant can’t seem to tear his or her new eyes away from the circle that’s permanently inked around Mom’s eye.

That’s a real look of shock there! To be fair, this new mom probably looks a lot better when she’s fully made up and in character, but her tat really doesn’t seem to fit into this photo of an otherwise beautiful and natural scene. I bet the baby is a little nervous about whether it will be expected to get a matching tattoo.

You’ll “Roo” the Day

Nothing like some good old-fashioned Australian patriotism. Once again, this person could have gotten their point across so much more effective and tastefully if they had just kept it simple or maybe asked for a little bit of advice from a friend.

I mean, come on, the two tattoos are two completely different shades, and those stars are so 90’s. Perhaps, the most hilarious part of this masterpiece is not the kangaroo, nor the love of pointed emblems, but that the shape of the stars actually, just barely, resembles Australia. If you squint, mate.

The Disabled Nipple

This is one messed up decision. The subject and location are both questionable. I’m going to assume this guy is in a chair himself and isn’t making fun of others who are. But maybe I’m giving him too much credit and he’s a jerk who makes fun of handicapped people.

Why the nipple man, why? There are no many other locations on a person’s body that could make this a meaningful tattoo. Now, not only do people have to see your thoughtlessly placed tattoo, but now they’re eyes will be diverted to your nipple, jerk.

Nightmare Fuel

What better way to celebrate a bad decision then by tattooing the result of one. Britney’s mega-meltdown, umbrella-swinging, head-shaved freak out memorialized for the ages. The acne in her teeth is primo, too! This tattoo isn’t just bad, it’s downright horrifying.

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. This is the kind of thing crawling around in the seventh circle of hell while you’re forced to shave its head alongside Judas for eternity. While everyone else is startled by this tattoo, do you look at your skin and smile? I bet you do.

I Like Turtles (A Little Too Much)

No better way to wake up every morning than having a surprised Michelangelo on your honker. He looks equally as surprised to be on this guy’s nose than people who first see this tattoo.

At least the tattoo is kind of done well? Okay no, there’s nothing redeemable about this tat. Who even likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anymore? What are you five? You get one face, and you did this to it. I’m sure your mother is really thrilled about your life choices.

Feeling Blue

When your Blue Man group tryouts don’t go as planned, you might be in the mood to do something crazy, like this guy did. Trust him though, it’s a Japanese traditional so it’s totally chill! Although we’re focusing on the tattoo, the eye-piercing simply cannot be ignored.

Did you lose an eye and this is your form of eye-patch? If so, that’s kind of cool, if not, you’re weird. This was probably the guy in college who said he wasn’t looking for a relationship because he feared commitment but then went and did something like this during his mid-life crisis.

Demon or Grandpa?

The rule that tattoos look bad later in life is on full display here. So many questions about this one. The man himself, plus his creepy tattoos, make it seem like he’s about to grow some horns and wings only to fly off into the night sky. Is that a depiction of hell on his forehead?

I wouldn’t be surprised. Also, let’s not forget about the classy face swastikas or the random circle tattooed around his eye. Well, on the bright side, this guy looks like he’s in prison, probably for the better. More time for him to add onto his prison tat collection.

Brrr…It’s Cold in Here

There’s no better way to show how cool you are than displaying your favorite frosty treat on your face. Slushies, ice cream cones, Italian Ice, it all looks cool man. Gucci Mane’s lyrics, “Tattoos on my face it’s my face not yours” have some serious meaning here, and at least he owns his interesting face tats.

The only question here is why he decided on such a poor quality tattoo when he has more than enough money for a better one. Yet, considering his past criminal record and rap lyrics, I don’t think anyone is going to be telling him it looks bad anytime soon. Keep doing you, Gucci.

Soup’s On

The bad armpit tattoo tradition continues. What happened to leaving some things up to the imagination? And is that an ONION? I wouldn’t want to advertise an onion odor anywhere near my pits.

Also, I didn’t want to go here, but I think that a whole onion tattoo would have at least helped to avoid any misunderstanding of the tattoo at first glance, if you catch my drift. Regardless what the tattoo even is, there’s really no explanation for any type of pit tat, especially of the onion variety.

Squeeze ‘Em Good

Back at it again with the clever nipple tats! Not only did he get a tattoo of a giant shellfish on him while incorporating his nipple, but he also got a tattoo of one of the ugliest shellfish around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good lobster tail, but I’ll pass on having one blasted across my shoulder and chest for life. It also looks as though it could have started out as a giant koi fish, but somewhere along the way he went, “Wait! Wait! I just got a way better idea!”


I really do hope that super lucky girl Nina said yes, or this poor guy has to live with this rejection for the rest of his illiterate life. Hopefully, after she gave him her answer, she took this struggling individual back to finish his GED and maybe brush up on his spelling.

I’m also surprised that he didn’t provide her with a “yes” and “no” checkbox’s which she personally got to fill in with a tattoo gun provided for her. That would have really helped to seal the deal on this beautiful union and make it official.


Wow! This guy looks so hardcore, I’d never want to mess with him! If you come too close he might slap you with one of his fearsome man boobs. But in all seriousness, was there any inspiration behind this tattoo, or did he find the stupidest tattoo in the book and asked to have it blown up onto his chest?

We can see his body is riddled with tats, and after seeing his sweet chest piece, I wouldn’t mind seeing whatever other lifelong mistakes this poor fella has made.

Don’t Do It

I know that Nike’s and other sneakers have grown ridiculously expensive, but a tattoo is just not going to give you the athletic support that an actual shoe will. Save the tat money and invest in a pair of real trainers.

However, apparently, this guy wants to display his athleticism even when he’s not on the court or at the gym, proving that he’s always on the grind. Also, this tattoo would only really be appropriate on somebody’s body if let’s say maybe they started the company or had some sort of personal investment in the Nike brand. But hey, that’s just me.