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Even someone who isn’t following the entertainment industry closely probably recognizes a few celebrity couples. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship couldn’t be ignored. And everyone knows Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen make a beautiful couple. But what about the A-list star who married a waitress? Or the celebrity couple who have tried their absolute hardest to keep their love life out of the spotlight? You’ll really have to be up on your star gossip to know those! Ready? We’ll show you the photo of the star’s significant other and you’ll need to select their famous other-half. Go!

The husband of this Australian model is….

They met in Miami while he was filming a movie and married in 2005.

She’s was one of the highest paid actresses of the ’90s. They met on the set of The Mexican.

His bombshell wife isn’t shy.

This woman finally got a wild man of Hollywood to settle down.

After she was caught with another man they separated, but still haven’t divorced! It’s the actor’s third marriage.

There’s quite an age gap between them, and she’s stepmom to another actress’ three daughters.

Their relationship was scandalous since she was pregnant with his child while married to another man.

She digs guys with tattoos.

Her partner is the star of John Tucker Must Die.

You definitely, DEFINITELY, do not want to mess with her, or her man.

These two are the definition of “power couple”.

In relationships, she went from one of the biggest actors to one of the biggest innovators.

They played the part as love interests before getting together in real life.

This former professional boxer is the partner to which American actress?

He’s married to his former The Client List co-star.

They kept their relationship so quiet, they nearly had two daughters before anyone knew they were together.

Who is this funny man engaged to?

He’s a former Oakland Raider, she’s the lead star of a TV drama.

She’s one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Which producer is she married to?

He’s besties with George Clooney and has a supermodel wife.

She’s a model and met her future award-winning husband on his Aspen ranch.

Their relationship has been all over the media. This one should be easy.

Who is the mother and wife connected to these two?

She’s a Russian model, he’s one of the highest paid actors.

This accomplished actress is married to one of the hunkiest guys in Hollywood.

His wife is quite possibly more famous than him…

This TV personality was smitten with a former boy band member.

This musician and his actress wife adopted two kids and welcomed a son.

Her husband starred on a popular sitcom.

Who’s married to this actress/dancer?

Her husband is an actor and quite a bit taller than her. Who is he?

Many men envy this guy, who has three kids with which A-list actress?

You’re guaranteed to have seen at least one of her husband’s romantic comedies.

He’s Australian and was apart of a film based on a comic book series.

This man’s husband plays a heterosexual playboy on a long-running show.

Who does this Victoria’s Secret Angel come home to?

They’ve never married, but they’ve been going strong since ’83.

His newlywed wife is one of the hottest athletes on the planet.

This beautiful couple just got hitched in 2018. Who is her new husband?

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