Photos Of Questionable Things That Happened At McDonald’s

There’s no such thing as an uneventful trip to McDonald’s. There’s unmatched people watching, the rush of risking food poisoning, and the joy of getting nine items for ten dollars. As if that wasn’t enough already, here are some hilarious, yet not unusual, things that happened at McDonald’s that make the typically shameful trip to the golden arches all the more interesting.

Grabbing A McChicken Before Plowing the Fields


We’ve all heard at least one person say they have attempted to go through a drive-thru without a car. Whether it’s on a bike, being pushed in a shopping cart, or just walking, the story usually ends with the people getting turned away. However, apparently at McDonald’s, horse-drawn carriages are acceptable. We’re not sure if this is a part of the country where this is a normal occurrence, or the workers are just impressed that the horse and carriage managed to make that sharp turn into the drive-thru. They better give that horse a free hashbrown for its efforts—it’s going to be a long day out in the fields.

We have A Jokester Over Here


There are a couple of things wrong with this picture. The first is why would anyone ever buy sausage from McDonald’s? And the second is pretty self-explanatory. We’re not sure whether this was a disgruntled employee that was trying to quit their job with a bang or someone who saw their opportunity to make a public joke after a night out at the bars. We honestly don’t care, because it’s hysterical either way. At least it’s following the McDonald’s way and is only a dollar, so they can’t complain about that! Wonder how long this poetry was up there until someone finally noticed?

One Last Filet-O-Fish Before Deployment

onelast burger.jpg

What better way to fuel up our brave United States military than a Filet-O-Fish and a Big Mac? This picture is about as American as you can get. Big humvees, bigger guns, army camo, processed food. Who said that the American Dream is dead? Shame on them. It’s clear that McDonald’s really does support our troops by letting them roll through the drive-thru guns and all. At least we know that nobody is going to be messing with this McDonald’s anytime soon, or maybe they’re here to make sure that the ice cream machine is actually broken.

“Yea, I’m Opening At McDonald’s”


As the old saying goes, hard work pays off. Well, maybe that’s not the case with this struggling DJ. Very few successful DJs say that they got their start playing at a McDonald’s but maybe this guy is going to be the first. The real question is what kind of music is this guy going to play? This is a family-friendly restaurant so we doubt people would appreciate any sort of vulgarity that goes into a radical DJ set. His whole setup seems like an awful lot of effort with very little return on investment. Maybe he got a few free double cheeseburgers out of it.

Stylin’ At Micky D’s


As we said earlier, there are some remarkable people-watching opportunities at McDonald’s. Take this lady wearing children’s underwear on her head for instance. There aren’t too many places that this would be considered socially acceptable, but there really aren’t any rules and there are few judgments passed inside of a McDonald’s. We’re willing to bet a lot of money that this lady received her food without being hassled about her clothing options. Everyone is there for the same reason, so take my money, give me my burger, and don’t ask questions. If I wanted to be judged while ordering food, I would have gone to a Chick-Fil-A.

The Trash Collector


Hey look, It’s Oscar from Sesame Street! In all honesty, what is this guy doing in the trash, let alone a McDonald’s trash can? We hope that this was a part of some sick bet or some employees fooling around after hours after the store has been cleaned. But, as we all know, that’s probably not the case and this could just be another one of those strange things you might see while trying to get a four-piece chicken nugget meal. If he’s lucky, he might find some remnants from a Happy Meal and he can save two dollars and not have to buy one for himself anymore.

Pinkies Up


There is absolutely no shame in this picture and we love it for that. This couple knew what they wanted and they went out and took it. Clearly, they wanted the ambiance of a fancy dinner without spending more than $10. So, they swapped out filet minion for a Big Mac. These two deserve some type of award for the effort that went into this meal. If she was having second thoughts about marrying this man, all hesitation just went right out of the window. We all know that McDonald’s is the key to any woman’s heart. Also, did they bring their own wine? If so, 10/10 date.

It Takes A Village


How many people does it take to eat all of the fries inside of one McDonald’s location? Apparently, not that many. We’re sure that the employees weren’t too happy when they were faced with this challenge and probably suffered a few grease burns during the process. There’s barely enough room on the table for their drinks, which are a must-have if they intend on taking on this literal mountain of french fries. Whose idea was this anyway? Because they are either a genius or a sadistic person that just want to see their friends suffer. This is a bold move for many reasons but the number one is that we can’t find ketchup anywhere!

Fine Dining


If you can’t tell who these two people are, good for you. It’s Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Yes, two of the most famous celebrities in the United States. This image is physical proof that nobody is too good or too prideful to satisfy their McDonald’s cravings. Look at the smile on Kim’s face, she knows what’s about to go down and we bet she didn’t even wait until she got home to eat it. No judgments over here West family, we understand your plight and we hope that it tasted great. This is probably the cheapest meal that they’ve had in years!

It’s In Our Nation’s History


How do you think the Founding Father’s of the United States have the energy to build this country from the ground up? McDonald’s of course. Yet, it seems as though even back then the ice cream machines were still broken and even Thomas Jefferson had to impatiently wait for 10 minutes just to hear the terrible news. For all we know, McDonald’s might have been where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed, or where Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea for bifocals. All of this was just kept out of the history books because of all of the scandals surrounding McDonald’s today.

Yabba Dabba Doo!


So many questions that unfortunately we’ll never get clear answers to. First off, who took the time out of their life to build this make-shift Flinstones car that we can guarantee is impossible to drive, and why did they have a Flinstone’s-themed wedding? We didn’t even know that anybody like the Flinestone’s that much. If they really wanted to make this whole thing legitimate, they wouldn’t have gone to McDonald’s because that didn’t exist in the show, so this is completely out of character. But then again, if they had a Flintstones wedding we shouldn’t put it past them to get McDonald’s for their first married meal.

“Make Sure Nobody’s Watching”


if there’s any place in the entire world to steal an entire gallon of water from the soda machine it’s McDonald’s. Smart move on this man’s part because that could be a pretty risky maneuver at a Burger King or a Wendy’s. He’s essentially untouchable at McDonald’s and he knows it. However, something tells us that he’s being a little greedier than we think he is and he’s actually filling up on Sprite and not water. But what could he possibly be doing with all that Sprite? That’s enough to quench the soda thirst of even the biggest soda drinkers.

Hate It When That Happens


Nothing screams McDonald’s like the person in front of you having an impossibly long piece of toilet paper hanging out of their pants. Either this was just an incredibly unfortunate accident or this is yet another rather questionable fashion statement from some customer inside of McDonald’s. Does the person taking the picture maybe be a good samaritan and discreetly notify her of the situation? Absolutely not, this is McDonald’s only the strong survive, and it’s certainly not the place to perform good deeds. But seriously, how does this even happen? We cannot figure it out.

Does He Know?


If you’re wondering what’s supposed to be strange about this picture, look at the back of the man’s head. There’s no logical explanation behind this. Either he doesn’t know which seems hard to believe, or he does know and this is just beyond freaky. There are children at McDonald’s, c’mon man, you’re going to scare them. Then again, we wouldn’t put it past this guy to go around handing out “free” Happy Meals out of his van. Maybe he’s possessed by Voldemort like Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter, now that would be interesting.

Sir, You Have A Basket On Your Head


Sometimes, it’s just easier to wear the basket on your head than carry it around. At least that’s probably what this guy’s logic was as he was standing there ordering an extra large fry as he waited for his laundry to be done across the street. And you know what? We’re almost certain that the person that took his order just acted as if it wasn’t there because it wasn’t worth the effort to ask why he was wearing the basket. The sad part about this picture is also that he probably isn’t the most questionable person in that McDonald’s when this picture was taken.

“I Said No Ketchup!”


If you happened to be in this McDonald’s when this picture was taken, you got dinner and a show all for under five dollars. Not a bad deal. What sparked this physical altercation will probably forever be a mystery but clearly, the woman putting the McDonald’s employee in a headlock means business. She looks cool as a cucumber and that form speaks for itself that she does this three times a week at least. That poor employee came to his shift expecting to work the cashier and now she’s about to get DDT’d in the kitchen of McDonald’s. It’s the wild wild west out here, folks.

McDonald’s Getting Weird Down Under


If the McDonald’s in Australia wants total possession over the human waste deposited by its employees and customers, that is completely fine with us. This is weird no matter what the circumstance, but the fact that it’s in a McDonald’s bathroom out of all the places is just so wrong. Why don’t they have the signs somewhere like a superfoods bar or a kale shop so that the poor people that are on the other side of this sign that is reconstituting and selling the waste (whatever that means) aren’t victimized by McDonald’s patrons? Seriously, anywhere but McDonald’s.

A Happy Meal To Make Them Calm Down


What we have here is a classic situation of the rambunctious kid in line that has no intention of settling down until they have their Happy Meal in their hands. Usually, these are the same kids that end up dropping their ice cream cone on the floor and crying, throwing up in the ball pit, or just run around hitting other children in the play structure. McDonald’s may have coined the term “Mighty Kids” as a name for these types of children when they should really be called “Drive-thru Kids” because they shouldn’t be allowed into the establishment.

A Lawless Land


This is the crème de la crème of pictures inside of McDonald’s. We thought that bathrooms were required by law to have changing stations just so situations like this never have to happen. But hey, McDonald’s is a lawless establishment where unsupervised children run amuck, college kids are too hungover to form real sentences, and mothers are free to change their child on a table where people eat their food. It’s like a dark and twisted version of Neverland except Peter Pan is dressed as a clown and is dead-set on giving the entire world diabetes. We’re also going to just assume that table wasn’t washed after this whole ordeal.

Free Wi-Fi


McDonald’s took a giant leap forward when they made the decision to provide public wi-fi for its guests. Now people can make drug deals, buy things off of the dark web, and close business deals from the comfort of a McDonald’s booth. What a time to be alive. It looks like this old timer is taking full advantage of this gift provided by McDonald’s and brought in the whole desktop for an opportunity to take care of some business. While everybody assumes he’s reading the news or discovering the magic of YouTube, we know what he’s really doing. Running dungeons with his guild in World of Warcraft, obviously.