Photos Of Questionable Things That Happened At McDonald’s

There’s no such thing as an uneventful trip to McDonald’s. There’s unmatched people watching, the rush of risking food poisoning, and the joy of getting nine items for ten dollars. As if that wasn’t enough already, here are some hilarious, yet not unusual, things that happened at McDonald’s that make the typically shameful trip to the golden arches all the more interesting.

Grabbing A McChicken Before Plowing the Fields


We’ve all heard at least one person say they have attempted to go through a drive-thru without a car. Whether it’s on a bike, being pushed in a shopping cart, or just walking, the story usually ends with the people getting turned away. However, apparently at McDonald’s, horse-drawn carriages are acceptable. We’re not sure if this is a part of the country where this is a normal occurrence, or the workers are just impressed that the horse and carriage managed to make that sharp turn into the drive-thru. They better give that horse a free hashbrown for its efforts—it’s going to be a long day out in the fields.