Proof That Grandparents Are The Greatest Thing On The Internet

Grandparents in real life are the absolute best. They spoil you when your parents aren’t around, they tell you stories of the “old days,” and they give you a good laugh whether they mean to or not. When you put their endearing, sometimes crazy behavior on the internet, they become the absolute greatest.

Calculators Don’t Dial Out, Grandpa


When Grandpa got his first iPhone, you can bet that the new technology didn’t come easily to him. In his defense, the calculator does resemble a phone’s dial pad, but we can only wonder what Grandpa was pushing in order to “dial” his call. In this hilarious honest mistake, Grandpa’s kin came to the rescue. Grandchildren will always be there to help out their grandparents with today’s current technologies. Unfortunately, sometimes grandkids have to repeatedly show their grandparents how to do a simple task on the phone, but that’s what grandchildren are for, right?!

Driving Mr. Daisy?

Being an eccentric old couple is on everyone’s relationship goals list. When you have your partner in crime, nothing else matters, and that includes the judgment others throw at you. It’s just grandma and grandpa against the world! We wonder what the story is behind this photo. Our best guess would be that Grandma and Grandpa went antiquing and found this rocking horse that they just had to get for the new grandchild! What better way to take their purchase home than to attach it to Grandma’s scooter? The only thing we might be questioning here is Grandpa’s whip!

A Grandma Just Knows…


It’s natural for parents to feel prideful when their young ones come into their own, but have you even seen such a priceless expression? This grandma definitely knows that her grandson has style and is sure to make his date swoon. You go, grandma! She might also be impressed with her grandson’s digs, knowing that he probably inherited his impeccable style from her! The look on her face says, “Ooh! Look what at what a fine job I did, raising such a handsome grandson!” Of course, grandmas will always be proud of their grandchildren, so it’s no wonder that this reaction came about.

Grandpa Just Wants To Get To Know Google

Now, here we find a sweet, polite grandpa just getting to know his computer’s search engines. We hope he isn’t lonely and just feels the need to become introduced appropriately. We sure do hope Google was just as nice back to the old man. All jokes aside, it’s pretty funny that this grandpa thought he actually had to be polite and type up a full question just to use the search engine. Maybe he thinks there’s someone on the other side giving him his results? After all, he is from the olden days when you would need to call the operator to get any information about someone.

Grandpa Doesn’t Want To Paint


It’s been said that as you get older, you’re less likely to care what other people think. If that’s true, then this grandpa certainly doesn’t care to conform to what other people want. We wouldn’t want to paint either just because other people said it’s a must! It’s too bad Grandpa even got dragged into this. He probably thinks his time would be better spent watching, or even reading, the news, or perhaps he would prefer to be doing one of his hobbies such as gardening. After all, they do say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that’s just because most of the time they don’t want to learn them.

Grandpa Is Busted


This elderly couple is attempting to blame their cable company for charges they didn’t make. Obviously, grandpa doesn’t want grandma to know that he purchased a special adult film or two. We can’t really blame him for keeping quiet in a circumstance such as this one. But even though he is fighting alongside his wife in this battle against the cable company, the look on Grandpa’s face says it all. He looks guilty as charged and knows to keep his mouth shut. He’s probably thinking that if he goes along with his wife then there would be no reason for her to suspect that she is the culprit.

Suspenders Or Suspension Cord?


We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of rummaging through our closets and not being able to find a belt. We’re guessing the equivalent of a grandpa’s lost belt is lost suspenders. At least he was able to get creative and find a solution, even if it is a bit strange. It’s surprising to see that his idea is even working out for him and that he doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable at all! We’re not here to judge Grandpa either because you got to give him credit for his improvisation skills. Older people are wiser, after all! Are they not?

This Is Definitely Grandma’s First Phone


This adorable Grandma didn’t realize her phone’s clock had a sticky on it. As usual, there was a helpful grandchild around to save the day! Now she can know what time of day it actually is. You have to admit, senior citizens can be pretty oblivious at times, especially when it comes to technology. It’s no wonder that this grandma wasn’t aware that the time stamp on her phone was actually a sticker! We’re sure this grandkid had a pretty good laugh after she figured this one out for her grandma. But that’s just another reason that we love our grandparents!

This Grandpa Is a Copycat


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if that’s true, then this grandpa really loves his grandson! It looks like his grandsons may have caught him in a compromising photo earlier, but as we all know, the apple doesn’t usually fall far from the tree so it would come as no surprise that Grandpa actually struck back! Maybe he’s a pure prankster who jokes out of love, or maybe he’s teaching his grandson a lesson. It looks like the grandson got owned to us! We’re sure that this guy isn’t even mad at his grandpa either because this is just too brilliant.

At Least This Grandma Is Honest

One of the greatest pleasures of grandparents is this insightful wisdom they have to offer. One of the scariest things about grandparents is experiencing how morbid they can be. For example, your grandma letting you know that dying in your sleep is worse than waking up in the morning. This is frightening, yet funny because it’s true. What makes it even funnier was that grandma went from making a morbid comment to wishing their grandkid a good day! Some older people are just more frank about the realities of life, which is why Grandma here seems pretty nonchalant at having just reminded you of your own mortality.

Growing Old Doesn’t Mean Growing Up

Old souls typically live in old bodies, don’t they? Why do these grandparents need to be like the younger generations and scroll through Instagram when they’re waiting for dinner? Coloring in a coloring book together isn’t just old-school, it’s much more creative and imaginative. If anything, they know that focusing on something like coloring will keep their minds sharp, instead of wasting them away on social media like kids these days prefer to do. It’s also pretty sweet to see that this grandma and grandpa are doing this together! Another example of everlasting love!

Grandma Supports Capital Punishment


Grandma number one must be a bit more liberal than grandma number two. Cutting people’s hands off may be a punishment in some underdeveloped countries still, but we’re pretty sure that’s for stealing, not graffiti. At least graffiti is a form of artwork, but this Grandma makes no exceptions. Tame or not, graffiti is still a crime and we suppose that this Grandma is against all sorts of crimes no matter how small. It’s too bad that Barbara’s wish to have peoples’ hands cut off will not come true—well, bad for Barbara, that is. It’s good for everyone else that that is not the actual punishment.

Gun-Slingin’ Grandma


Firearms may be a controversial topic in the States, but the hilarity that ensues from this picture is fun for everyone. Grandma’s first impression of firing a gunshot is certainly priceless. We bet she feels pretty powerful, too! Hopefully, she didn’t lose too much control or suffer any whiplash from firing that shot. Notice how Grandpa is helping the young lady hold her arm up since she has to hold on to her walker. We’re sure that Grandma is all sorts of thrilled from having been able to say she’s shot a gun in her life! You Go, Grandma!

Grandpa Is Tracking Toilet Paper

Most people usually get toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoe, which is often embarrassing enough. However, this grandpa tucked the toilet paper into the back of his own pants and his grandson isn’t doing much to help the situation. Save your grandpa from humiliation! Of course, this grandkid just had to take a picture of this hilarious moment to remember for years to come. We’re sure that he helped out Grandpa after the photo was taken, though. We wonder how Granpa reacted when he realized that this was happening. It probably wasn’t pretty.

100, Alive, And Still Kicking


If you lived until the age of 100, wouldn’t you finally live life without rules or worries? This grandma certainly is! Lighting her cigarette with her birthday candles is a real statement to the masses! This Grandma must be pretty pleased to say she’s lived to see 100 years of life. Considering when this picture was taken, she’s probably through both World Wars, the Great Depression, and a whole bunch of cultural shifts that the world has seen as the decades went on! This Grandma knows she’s lived a full life, that’s why she knows she deserves to be doing whatever her heart pleases at this point.

Grandpa Puts A Spin On The Selfie


It’s no secret that our grandparents don’t necessarily understand the appeal or the purpose of the selfie. The grandpa pictured above certainly put a spin on the selfie that made the whole internet giggle. He gets props for figuring out how to avoid the flash in the mirror. Now that we think about it, it’s kind of a mystery as to how this grandpa even managed to have this picture taken. There is no sign of a camera in the reflection on the mirror and the door of the bathroom is closed. This grandpa may not actually be behind with the times, but he is probably way ahead of the times instead!

Shopping Carts Are For Adults, Too

Remember when you went grocery shopping with your parents when you were little and got to sit in the shopping cart. Well, the good news is that you get to do it as a grandparent, too! The shoe really does end up on the other foot eventually. We bet shoppers were pretty surprised to see this grandma riding in the shopping cart. But perhaps Grandma got a little bit tired of walking or they ran out of those motorized shopping carts that she could have used. But we guess this is another solution, although we’re not sure how management will react when they see this.

No One Can Escape Autocorrect

Autocorrect is a pain in the bottom and even the millennials know it. We’re not exactly sure what this grandma was trying to say here, but we have a feeling it’s slightly obscene. We hope her grandkid is old enough to hear that kind of language! We’re sure that this grandkid responded in the most careful manner, in order not to confuse their sweet grandma even more with the new iPhone technology. It would have been hilariously disastrous if Grandma had gotten herself into more phone trouble all because of pesky auto correct! But this just goes to show how autocorrect can betray even the most innocent people.

The Notebook Comes To Life


If you’re looking for a grandparent post that will instill your faith in true love, we’ve found just the photo for you. This grandpa takes his wife out on the boat every year so she can be a summer solstice fairy. If that doesn’t make you say aww, we don’t don’t what could! This is one example of love that has lasted decades and is something that is seemingly lost on younger generations. This Grandpa knows the true meaning of everlasting and unconditional love, showing that he will do anything for his wife—even in their old age! That woman sure is one lucky lady.

These Grandparents Need A Nap

Maybe these two should have brought a map of the mall. Or, if their grand-kids could ever manage to teach them how to use their iPhones, they’d be able to use that to locate each other. Perhaps they could even call unless they confuse the keypad with the calculator. We’ve heard that happens. All jokes aside, it’s actually pretty funny that these two grandparents were waiting for each other, unbeknownst to the other that they only needed to turn around! We wonder how long it took for them to figure this out? Or better yet, hopefully their grandkid didn’t keep laughing at the situation too long and actually helped them out!

This Grandpa Warms Our Heart


This photo of a grandpa walking his handicapped dog is all we need to feel a fire in hearts. When this little pup lost the use of legs and paws grandpa found a way prevent her isolation from society. We’re sure that this pup is happy to be able to see the outside world, especially since she is unable to roam around freely as any dog should be able to! Luckily, she has an owner that truly cares about her as if she was his own child. It’s true what they say about men and their dogs; they’re best friends until the end.

Someone Should Tell Grandma Who Rihanna Is

It’s one of the oldest cliches in the world when a grandparent doesn’t quite understand or approve of the younger generation’s music. It’s even funnier, though, when they think Rihanna is a friend at their grandchild’s school. An A for effort on this grandma’s stance against bullying. We wonder if Tara was embarrassed by her grandma’s cluelessness or perhaps she was cracking up at her grandma’s confusion. We know we are! When a grandparent doesn’t know who a popular singer is and they have a normal sounding name, it makes sense that they’d assume that you’re talking about a school friend.

Grandma’s Personal Instruction Manual


Answering a million questions can be annoying, but answering the same question a million times isn’t wonderful either. If you ever need to instruct your grandparent on how to work their new laptop, we suggest following this grandkid’s lead. Now grandma has her own personal manual right at hand, literally. Hopefully, this special guide made Grandma’s adventures on the Internet all the easier. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she still asked her grandkid for help with something! No matter how comprehensive of a guide you make, some older people would rather be shown how to do something then follow your confusing instructions.

At Least Grandma Judy Is Honest

It’s obvious that your grandma will always be your number one fan, but Judy might have gone a little overboard here. She didn’t have to insult Ashley’s friends for the world to see. Signing her name after the comment is priceless, though. Grandma Judy probably didn’t think that a message like this was public for all of Facebook to see. We wonder how Ashley reacted and if she even fulfilled her grandma’s request. But Grandma Judy probably meant no harm by what she wrote because after all, grandparents can be pretty frank about things. She probably just wanted to see her granddaughter shine more!

Trump For President!

This grandpa probably considers himself a patriot, but we’re sure that a lot of people don’t enjoy seeing a Trump sign on the morning commute. Rolling a stroller around is the most unconventional way to show your support. Most people just wear a t-shirt, hat, or a button. But this Grandpa must be a staunch Republican, as seen by the color red that he is using throughout this display of support for Trump. He was probably just doing his part by being an active voter, which we can’t really blame him for. Everyone in this country should take a note from this Grandpa and make more of an effort to be active in politics! Just maybe in a more conventional way, that is.

Grandmas Give The Best Advice

One of the best time to get good advice from your grandma is when you need inspiration. Someone who has lived and experienced more in this world really does have something valuable to say, even if we don’t always want to listen. Grandparents should never be taken advantage of. They’ve lived through the same things you have and probably so much more, which has given them the wisdom to guide you through anything that you may be going through in your life. Grandma here says it best: “Your beauty endures forever, as do you.” Thanks Grandma, we really needed this.

Grandma Has A Great Way To Feed The Squirrels

Feeding the wildlife is a favorite grandparent past time, but this grandma has re-invented the game. Why feed the squirrels with your bare hands when you have marionettes that’ll do it for you? It’s safe and still fun, all at the same time! It’s also very cute that Granma’s marionette is just a mini version of herself—cane and everything! The squirrel is probably perplexed that a human lady the size of himself is feeding him, but he is also pretty happy about being fed in the first place. This is one of the sweetest animal encounters we have ever seen!

The Post Box Is Not The Poo Box

This grandpa didn’t have his grandchildren around to direct him to the correct mailbox, or any mailbox at all for that matter. For two years this poor man was placing his outgoing mail in the dog poop box! Didn’t he notice something was wrong when he never got any replies? It’s a wonder that nothing happened if his bills were being sent in the poo box! Poor Grandpa, he didn’t know any better. This wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t have placed a poo box—which looks incredibly similar to the mail box—so close to each other! Grandpa was probably confused when he noticed that the mailbox was much closer than it used to be.

More Valuable Advice From Grandma

Another piece of valuable advice from grandma: “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.” In other words, waiting is a bad habit. She’s right, though! Waiting around for what you want doesn’t get you ahead. You need to grab the bull by the horns. Thanks, Grandma. This Grandma has probably lived through a lot in her life, or maybe she even spent too much time waiting on something rather than just making it happen. Her regret is the inspiration for this sound piece of advice and she’d hate for you to feel the same way that she does when you’re her age.

Grandpa Invented The Photo Bomb


Everyone loves a good piece of nostalgia and The Beatles’ Abbey Road has the first photo bomb to prove it. This grandpa will go down in history for making his way onto the classic Beatles album. Did he do it on purpose? Maybe. Does it matter? Absolutely not. The man in the picture is Paul Cole, who was on vacation in London in 1969. He didn’t know what was going one and thought he was just looking at four “kooks” repeatedly cross the road. A year later he saw the album cover and realized what he saw and even saw himself! Ironically, Cole isn’t a fan of The Beatles and prefers to listen to classical music.

Grandparents Walk Their Cats, Too

Grandparents still in love make everyone swoon, but when they walk their pet it’s an even sweeter sight to see. Instead of having a dog, this lovely old couple has their cat trailing behind them every morning. Cats and grandparents like walks, too! They’ve probably owned their kitty for years and the three of them grew old together in happy little family bliss. Cats usually like to go on their own when they manage to sneak outside, but this cat is so loyal that it trails right behind its loving owners. That’s how you know a cat has been in the family for a long time.

Grandma Rescues Her Cat Every Day

Crazy cat ladies go way back. They go back further than Facebook memes and hashtags. This grandma shows us just how a cat lady should rescue her feline friend, and she does it on a daily basis! She was probably a bit annoyed at first when her kitty trapped itself on the roof on a daily basis. But she probably loves her pet cat so much that she didn’t mind doing the little guy a favor. It’s just one of the quirks that probably makes her love her cat even more! When you’re old, you make companions in those who’ve been by your side forever.

Hibachi Is Too Loud For Grandparents

Hibachi is too loud for the middle-aged parent, let alone a pair grandparents! Next time you want to have a birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant with the whole family, sushi is sure to be the best option. Unless getting a good grandparent picture for the internet is what you’re looking for. These grandparents were probably excited at first to be in a restaurant that allows you to be interactive with your chef. But they probably didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into with all the flames and the clattering of the chef’s instruments. They should just relax and enjoy the show!

Selfies Aren’t School Pictures, Grandma

Every teen and even tweens know that a selfie is meant for internet domain, not a home picture frame. This grandma was just too proud of her beautiful granddaughter and decided to break the rules. Or, maybe she just didn’t know any better! We’re sure that this teen was shocked when she visited her grandma’s house to find that Grandma had framed one of the teen’s mirror selfies. Although a little embarrassing, we’re sure the teen had a good laugh about it. We hope that the teen gave Grandma a better picture to frame! But everyone knows that grandparents love their grandkids regardless of how they take their pictures.

Grandpa Will Learn To Text With Time


All the extra spaces are kind of cute, don’t you think? It’s clear that this grandpa is writing his text as if he was speaking out loud. He’ll eventually get the hang of text lingo… it just takes a little time. But you have to admit, it’s pretty impressive that this grandpa is even texting at his age. After all, isn’t three-quarters of a century about 75 years old? Granpa will probably be a master texter before he even reaches 80! It’s pretty awesome when grandparents make an effort to keep up with their family using today’s new technologies.

Grandpa Imitates The Ladies Well

This grandpa certainly isn’t afraid to get people talking! He’s completely making fun of the duck lips, but does he know that they’re actually called duck lips? He does a pretty good impression of his granddaughters. They probably don’t like the joke too much! Grandpa is having a lot of fun with his new piece of technology. It probably makes him feel young and hip, so he probably feels the need to act young and hip too in order to fit in! What’s even funnier is the caption below the photo where he says his iPhone is consuming a lot of time… just like a teenaged girl!

Grandparents Take Real Selfies, Too

This cute set of grandparents celebrating their anniversary looks like fun, but will someone tell them to flip the phone right-side-up? We’re guessing it’s too funny watching them try to get the perfect shot. After 50 years, we’re sure they’ve gotten a lot of good ones. It’s also amazing to see that their love has adapted into the new technological age! We wouldn’t be surprised if these grandparents had their own Facebook accounts on which they posted the selfie they are taking. What better way to show their long-lasting love to the world?

Grandparents Fall Asleep Anywhere

Babies, dogs, and grandparents have the privilege of falling asleep anywhere they want. Unfortunately for these two, they’ve been caught for the world to see. By caught, we mean their grandkids saw a photo op and wanted to make the most of it. Our guess as to what is going on here is that Grandpa and Grandma were probably picking up their grandkids from school, but they showed up a little too early. So they waiting until school was let out, but they somehow fell asleep during the wait! We hope they weren’t too upset that their grandkids caught them like this!

Grandparents Play The Best Pranks

Grandparents can be funny, too! It just goes to show worried parents that old people are more experienced, not more careless. Maybe this little snapshot taught this baby’s mommy and daddy to lay off Grandma and Grandpa a bit. We’re sure that the worried mother had a heart attack when she saw this photo, but she was probably smart enough to realize that it was a joke. How could she doubt Grandma and Grandpa’s ability to take care of a baby when they raised the baby’s parent before? One thing’s for sure though, this grandkid is going to have a hilarious time growing up with grandparents like this.

Just Call Him Grandpa Gosling

Maybe this grandpa and grandma were in on the plan together, or maybe this was Grandpa Gosling’s way of being romantic. He seems to be taking a hint from one of the internet’s most popular trends and he’s doing it correctly! We just hope he’s okay with letting the world know his more “intimate” side. We hope that this Grandpa got his one million likes and then some! Everyone knows that 64 years is a long time and it’d be a waste if that all dissolved just because they couldn’t reignite the spark! Either way, it’s a pretty endearing and funny photo that we’re sure was well appreciated by the Internet.