Products That Are Pointlessly Gendered

In this day and age companies often feel as though they need to assign a specific gender in order to sell their product. Why? Who knows! Especially when the product is able to do the same job for both men and women. Whatever the reasoning behind these product creations, at least they are good for one thing – entertainment. Check out this list of the most pointlessly gendered products to hit the market!

Gender Loaves


You wouldn’t think that something as simple as bread could become a gendered product and yet here we are. A Canadian bakery came under fire in 2015 after they created two separate bread loves, one for men and one for women. People were not happy about the new marketing especially because the women’s bread was said to be “milder and light textured”. The woman version also was said to include more vitamin D and calcium and came in a bag with pink details. For the men, the packaging was blue (of course) and it was said to be “hearty” with protein and fiber. The president of the company, Gottfried Boehringer, stood by the product saying that it was meant to meet different “nutritional needs”. However, we are pretty sure both men and women alike need protein, fiber, calcium and vitamin D.