Private Islands Owned By Celebrities

For wealthy celebrities, the world is their oyster. With millions, or even billions, of dollars, there isn’t much that a famous person can’t do. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that many celebrities have bought entire islands. But buying an island isn’t just about showing off wealth; it also provides famous people with an escape. When people recognize your face everywhere you go, it can be a relief to retreat to an isolated spot of land in the middle of the sea. Some of the islands are larger and more lavish than others, but they all cost a pretty penny. Let’s take a look at these celebrities’ islands in the sun.

Eddie Murphy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Jordan Rode/Pinterest
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Jordan Rode/Pinterest

Brooklyn-born comedian Eddie Murphy began his show biz journey as a standup comedian in the 1970s. His acting career soared after he landed a spot on SNL in the ’80s. While he’s primarily known for his comedic performances, he has also dabbled in singing.

Murphy has managed to attain a net worth of about $120 million, which explains how he pulled off purchasing his island in the Bahamas. Forbes states that the property is worth $15 million, or at least it was when he bought the island back in 2007. The 15-acre island sits off the coast of Nassau.