Photos Proving That People Can’t Always Coexist With Nature

Most of the time, humans try to live in harmony with animals and nature. However, these photos prove that it doesn’t always work out. Prepare to LOL at these “people vs. nature” pictures!

Holy Cow


Didn’t anyone ever tell this calf not to bite the hand that feeds him? Or that petting farms are for gentle pets, not biters. This woman was treated to quite a nip from this little guy while trying to offer him a snack. Apparently the hand looks better than the food to him!

Heads Up


This family got more than they bargained for during their drive-thru safari. The excursion promised an up-close glimpse at the animals but didn’t specify just how close they’d get. Watch as these kiddos duck to escape the clutches of an overly-friendly camel. Next time they’ll keep the sunroof up, that’s for sure.

Gusty Girl


Thankfully this gutsy little girl didn’t let a massive gust of wind stop her from getting home. In 2016, a small girl literally almost blew away from a gust of strong wind. She used her quick thinking to grab a hold of her front door before she was swept up.

Baaad Baby Goats


These baby goats might just be “kid-ding” around but that’s no excuse for standing on this woman’s head. This rowdy bunch of babies must get up to some major ruckus on this farm if this is how they treat their care taker. Maybe they’re just trying out some goat yoga?

Elephant In The Car?


The passengers of this small hatchback hit a pretty big road block while driving through a safari tour. Looks like this elephant had alternate plans for their sightseeing. Bet they didn’t think they’d have a run-in with that type of trunk while driving. Maybe next time they’ll bring something a little less compact.

Four’s A Crowd


This fella is a bit too handsy for someone who doesn’t actually have hands. Three friends were in for quite the surprise when this stingray crept up just in time for the perfect photo bomb. Doesn’t he know there are plenty of other species-appropriate fish in the sea?

Reign-y Day


Even royalty has their fair share of umbrella mishaps. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles, the future King of England, was caught on camera tangled up in her umbrella during a particularly gusty rainstorm. Unlike most people, she had a team around her to help her escape.

Rowdy Raccoon


This vacationer got the surprise of her life when a rowdy raccoon jumped aboard her paddle board. Raccoons are often portrayed as bandits in popular culture and this little guy’s attempt to hijack her board really isn’t helping that bad rap. I guess she should’ve expected to be up close and personal with nature.

Not Emused


This girl was obviously not amused by the invasion of an emu. Emus are the second largest birds on Earth and are around 6.5 feet tall – making them the perfect height to peek into cars and surprise passengers. No need for tears, though! He looks like a friendly fella!

Swinging In The Rain


This woman learned the hard way that swings are meant for children and sunny days. While leaping onto a tiny swing, meant for toddlers, not grown women, gravity worked against her and she took a serious tumble into a massive mud puddle. What’s more bruised her bottom or her ego?

Striking Swan


These tourists learned the hard way not to step in a swan’s personal space. Swans are notoriously territorial and when they feel like someone’s invading their space, they will strike back. On the other hand, swans mate for life so maybe this guy is just looking for love and a life partner?

Wild Ride


“Why did Ellen insist on a safari tour?! I could’ve golfed instead!” That’s exactly what this scared tourist is thinking after he was joined by a ferocious furry friend on his tour. While driving through the wilderness, a small cheetah hoped aboard the safari SUV, scaring the daylights out of passengers.

Wipe Out


She can wave goodbye to that perfect Instagram shot. While this teenage girl was posing in her itty bitty bikini, nature had other plans for how her photo should look. Mid pose she was wipe out by a massive wave, knocking her over, ruining her shot and her look.

Bad Birdy


This guy is either doing his best Tippi Hedren in The Birds impersonation or this bird is about to smack him straight in the face. They say it’s either “fight or flight” and I guess this little parakeet decided it was time to fight. Makes you wonder what he did to deserve such a smackdown doesn’t it?

Moose On The Loose


Talk about role reversal! While trying to chase down a wild moose on the run, this park ranger found himself doing the running away instead. It’s no surprise he decided to make a run for it! Moose usually span six feet and can weigh between 800 and 1,500 pounds!

Prime Mate


Two adorable orangutans found love in an unlikely source – a young blond woman visiting their wildlife refuge. She seems to be enjoying their cuddly company but the guy in yellow got a little too friendly with her. He needs to watch where he puts his hands! That’s no way to treat a lady!

Baboon Burglar


While walking back from grocery shopping, this woman picked up a little something extra — a baboon! Looks like he’s not there for companionship, but instead he’s in it for the food. He hilariously tried to slyly swipe some of her shopping without her noticing. Not so fast man!

See Ya Later, Alligator


An alligator brazenly attacked a fishing boat in broad daylight barely giving this man space to escape. American alligators range between 10 and 15 feet and can weigh up to 500 pounds. The average human male weighs 196 pounds – not a very even match! Bet this guy will think twice before going on another fishing excursion.

Horse’in Around


This little boy was not pleased by his surprise visitor during a drive through the countryside. The horse popped his head inside the boy’s window to try and snag some fast food, leaving him shocked an very unhappy. Lesson learned – roll your windows up when eating French fries in horse territory!

Face Plant On Fabio


Infamous actor and model, Fabio had a horrible encounter with nature while riding a rollercoaster in Busch Gardens in 1999. While on the ride, he was struck in the face by a rogue goose leaving his nose broken and his face covered in blood. The goose didn’t survive the attack but Fabio healed just fine.