These Photos Were Snapped Just As Something Disastrous Was About To Happen

When disaster strikes, the moment is often so fleeting that it’s over before we realize what happened. Every once in a while, a photograph is timed so well that it perfectly captures the catastrophe. Whether it’s racecars plummeting into one another, a jetski riding a wave over a surfer, or a car being driven off an airplane, cameras give us the opportunity to see these occurrences as they unfold. Read on to see the very moments that disaster struck.

Jenga: Extreme Edition

Discovery HD/YouTube
Discovery HD/YouTube

Shipping containers are so massive and sturdy that people have begun turning them into homes. Just imagine the impact of all these containers falling to the side at once. Considering how far over it’s already leaning, your only hope to rebalance the ship would be a magical wave coming the other way.

The people in the smaller boat must be in awe of what they’re about to witness. You’d think they’d be speeding away by now considering the hundreds of thousands of pounds falling toward them.