Photos Show The Accuracy Of Netflix’s The Crown Vs Real-Life Royal Family

One of the most popular original series on Netflix is The Crown. With a total of four seasons and counting, this award-winning show chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Several actresses portray her as she ages and plenty of historical figures throughout her life are shown on screen, including other members of the British royal family.

The Crown strives to be as accurate as possible when transforming these notable events for the screen and typically, the show is historically accurate. However, there are some instances where things get left out or something isn’t quite right. Keep reading to see the comparison between The Crown and real life.

Queen Elizabeth II Marries Philip

queen elizabeth and philip at their wedding
Hulton Archive/Getty Images/Sony Pictures Televison/MovieStillsDB
Hulton Archive/Getty Images/Sony Pictures Televison/MovieStillsDB

Before Queen Elizabeth II was a queen, she married Prince Philip in 1947. It was one of England’s biggest celebrations that year with over two thousand guests. Most in attendance were filled with joy because it was around the time of the end of World War II.

The Crown crafted a replica of the Queen’s Chinese silk wedding gown, including all of the intricate embroidery. The real dress was made with over 10,000 crystals and pearls, but the show wasn’t able to use those precious gems to that extent.