People Who Treated Their Last Day Of Work Like You Treat Your Garbage Can

The last day of work is bittersweet. On the one hand, you’re leaving some people you’ve bonded with for years and will thoroughly miss. On the other hand, you’re leaving people you want to stab in the eye with a fork.

Celebrating your new path in life is important, but exacting revenge on your arch-nemesis is important too. The people in this article prove that ‘goodbye cakes’ are completely overrated and unnecessary when you’re creative and stop caring about what your co-workers think of you. We’re all living vicariously through these badasses on their last day of work.

When Your Best Work Friend Hates The Fact That You’re Leaving

Photo Credit: Reddit / mcstiches
Photo Credit: Reddit / mcstiches

We all have that one work friend who makes going in every day actually bearable. This one wants his work bestie to know how he feels about the departure.

It’s not damaging, but it is annoying enough to get the point across, which is exactly what he set out to do.