These People Found Fame As Memes, But Where Are They Now?!

There isn’t an exact date that things started, but memes have dominated internet culture for quite some time now. Dating back to Grumpy Cat or even Bad Luck Brian, there are dozens of famous faces that people who frequent the internet appreciate thanks to all the laughs these images provide. Have you ever wondered where these people or animals are today? Well, fret not, because as you read on, you’ll find out how these internet sensations are doing today. Get ready for a nice laugh as you travel back in time.

The Girl With First World Problems

world problems girl meme

Remember that time you woke up in the morning and prepared for a new day, but when you checked the charger your phone wasn’t connected? Your battery was at 2% and you were sure you were going to have a bad day now.

You can call that a first world problem, and this girl summarized those feelings perfectly with that lone tear coming down her face. The lady in this meme is actress Silvia Bottini and the picture comes from one of her performances. The buzz she received from the meme helped to boost her career, so that crying didn’t happen in vain.