People Wearing Ridiculous Shirts That Should Have Been Left At Home

For most of us, shirts are a big part of our everyday lives. People wear shirts not because it’s required by law in most places, but because it’s a way for people to express their style and personality. Yet, out of all the shirts someone owns, it’s not uncommon to have at least one ridiculous one that they are saving for a special occasion or own it just to own it. Here’s a list of people who were documented wearing their most ridiculous shirt.

The Smile Says It All


Here, we have a perfect example of “that guy”. This is one of the few guys that keep this shirt ready for when knows he’s going to a public pool. In this picture, it looks like he’s on a cruise, so you know this is one of the first shirts he packed. If he came on this cruise to pick up girls he might have a hard time now.

Angry Bird Is Right


Has this man ever even played Angry Birds? Probably not. But what we have here is something called destiny. There’s not a single reason in the world when this shirt would have any actual meaning except for this exact moment. His wife probably saw it at Target and thought it was cute so she bought it.



We hope that this picture was taken the day of graduation because we can’t think of a single other time when it would be appropriate to wear. If it was the day of graduation, we hope that he wore it under his graduation gown to flash for the crowd while on stage.

A Match Made in Heaven


We’re pretty sure that this is staged, but it really doesn’t make a difference. What’s so funny about this picture is that there’s a company that makes these shirts, and this woman actually bought one. What’s even funnier is that she’s eating pizza flavored Pringles.

Yes He Is


Wherever this man is going, he’s clearly going to make a statement. Who knows how long that’s been sitting in his closet collecting dust. Probably an old Christmas gift from his grandson. Today’s the day, so look out people, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s ready to party.

Party Like Grandma


Nothing quite says Key West, Florida like the shirt this granny is rocking right now. She looks like she’s got everything she needs. Her entire family in the back, a cold one in her hand, and a shirt that lets the whole world know she isn’t a virgin. The pink coloring is the cherry on top.



Now here we have an elderly woman with another ridiculous shirt as well. However, her’s is a bit more classy than the last one. All we know is that any hipsters in her sight better start running because she looks quite fierce. She’s probably got a big gun inside the house.

Bill Murry-ception


Although we all like Bill Murray, we’re not quite sure why this guy has a shirt with a bust of Bill Murray on it. Walking down the street wearing this shirt, this guy probably gets a lot of looks. Not anymore, this was the day that he proved everyone wrong, the day when be bought that random shirt paid off.



On a certain level, this man’s shirt really does speak the truth. Should it be worn in public? Probably not. But at the end of the day, there’s some serious life advice that can be taken away from it. Also, we don’t think that anyone would question this salty-looking old man by the look on his face.

Numero Uno


We can’t know for sure, but we’re pretty positive that this is a homemade shirt. Because if there’s a company out there selling these, we want one. Something tells us that this man doesn’t wear this shirt out in public to be ironic, but made it for this exact reason. We didn’t know people like the Governator that much.

Dreams Do Come True


Somebody get this man a box of tissues because he looks like he’s seconds away from sobbing tears of joy. All of that hard work and money put into making that shirt has finally paid off. We hope that after this photo he put it back in his closet just for keepsake.

Got Em’!


Even though this shirt is most appropriately worn during a footrace, we could see this being worn on any given day. While walking the streets, or even going out to dinner, “ahead of you” could mean a variety of different things from physically being ahead of you or simply meaning ahead of you in life.

Oh, So That’s What It’s For


This man is putting it all out on the table. Unless he doesn’t know how to read, he knows exactly what is printed on the front of his shirt. We’ve all heard jokes about bald heads, but this one is definitely a first. We wonder, did her buy this himself, or was it a gift?

And She Knows It


This woman has the look on her face that she knows she’s 20% hotter than you in all of the ways possible. Clearly, this was a candid shot, but it doesn’t look like she cares much at all because she’s the best-looking person around. Only 20% though? That’s a very specific number!

I’ll Take Your Word For It


This is quite the rollercoaster of a shirt. At a glance, you might mistake this man for a homophobe, but if you look closely, he’s willing to bend his rules for a little bit of spare cash. Although the words are funny, what really makes this shirt so ridiculous is that it’s a tank top. Also, why are his hands so dirty?

Oh, I Get It!


Somebody come get their grandpa! As if the shirt isn’t bold enough, he just had to wear it in the grocery store. Come on man, there are probably children running around as you weigh our how many pounds of broccoli your wife told you to get. If that’s an earring you’re wearing, it explains a lot.



Okay, so these shirts might not be as ridiculous as some of the other ones that we have seen but they are ridiculously hilarious. When people talk about couples goals these are them. Whosever grandparents these are should be proud, or maybe they made them for their grandparents.



This man is without a doubt the most “swagalicious” individual that we’ve ever seen. Not only is it printed in numerous colors on his shirt, but his entire demeanor oozes swag. it’s the shirt, the crossed legs, the sunglasses, the leather wristband, everything. is that an older woman doing his nails in public? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Telling It How It Is


This one truly caught us off guard. She looks like such as sweet elderly lady and even has a great smile. But no, the chances are that she hates you because apparently, she hates everyone. The bright yellow color of the shirt is a nice touch too because it draws your attention to the shirt just so you can learn that she hates you.

We’re Sure You Do, Bud


It’s just like his shirt says, sorry girls, move along, this man doesn’t have any time for you unless you’ve spent time on the runway. Regardless that this shirt has probably never been washed and he hasn’t showered in a few days, we’re sure the models are lining up outside of his door.