People Wearing Ridiculous Shirts That Should Have Been Left At Home

For most of us, shirts are a big part of our everyday lives. People wear shirts not because it’s required by law in most places, but because it’s a way for people to express their style and personality. Yet, out of all the shirts someone owns, it’s not uncommon to have at least one ridiculous one that they are saving for a special occasion or own it just to own it. Here’s a list of people who were documented wearing their most ridiculous shirt.

The Smile Says It All


Here, we have a perfect example of “that guy”. This is one of the few guys that keep this shirt ready for when knows he’s going to a public pool. In this picture, it looks like he’s on a cruise, so you know this is one of the first shirts he packed. If he came on this cruise to pick up girls he might have a hard time now.