Outrageous Photos Of Hillbillies In Their Natural Habitat

Hillbillies really are a breed of their own. They live in their own secluded communities, do things that most other people turn their heads at, and don’t care what anybody thinks. What may seem taboo for most people could be a typical day in the life of a redneck. However, no matter your view on this style of living, you have to admit that they gift the world with some pretty hilarious creations, pictures, and videos. Take a gander at some of the craziest pictures of hillbillies doing their thing on the Internet.

Wedding Dinner…Check!

Woman holding up a dead turkey

Looks like this bride decided to skip out on paying for a fancy caterer at her wedding and took matters into her own hands. Luckily she got herself a nice turkey which should be sufficient to feed more than a few people, depending on the size of her wedding.

Not only is she showing off her fresh and clean wedding dress, but she’s also sporting her camouflage hat with her matching boots. Hopefully, this photo ends up on the mantel of her and her husband’s home.