The Oddest Facts About Game of Thrones And Its Stars

Game of Thrones has become one of the most popular and largest TV franchises since it first premiered in 2011. The cast is absolutely giant, and the crew that helps make the magic happen is twice as big. In every episode, hundreds of extras are needed, and hours of rehearsal are required to maintain the quality of the show. With all the people involved, there are bound to be a few behind-the-scenes secrets, right? With the final season airing in April 2019, let’s take a look at the craziest things you might not know about Game of Thrones.

People Are Naming Their Babies After Game of Thrones Characters

khaleesi baby name

Since Games of Thrones aired in 2011, the show’s influence has been seen in some unusual places. Sure, you’re bound to see a handful of Game of Thrones characters out and about on Halloween, but would you name your child after a character on the show? Apparently, lots of people say yes!

Over the last seven years, Khaleesi has been one of the most popular baby names, as well as Daenerys and Sansa. Other names derived from the show have become more popular as the series has progressed. Hopefully, no one will name their child Joffrey.