No One Knows Who The Next Batman Will Be

Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

With a new Batman film officially slated to hit theaters in the next few years, everyone seems to think they know who the next Bruce Wayne is going to be. The facts of the matter is, no one really knows, and that’s exactly how the studio wants it.

A few weeks ago, news broke that Matt Reeves, the director, wanted to cast a younger actor in the role. Then we found out the movie studio wanted someone on the A-list. That’s where the truth ends. Since then, at least two actors have been linked to the role, although both reports have been shot down.

The first report was that Robert Pattinson was the top choice. The twitterverse, who mostly remember him as Edward from Twilight revolted. Internet outrage filled the airwaves until the rumor was confirmed as just that; a rumor that blew up into national news.

Then, over the weekend, Armie Hammer was named as the front-runner. Again, this was just a rumor, but the 32-year-old Hammer fit the bill of a big name, young actor. Hammer was also cast as Batman once before. Years before the DCEU, George Miller was hired to direct a Justice League movie and cast the then unknown actor as the caped crusader.

The Hammer rumor got so big that The Wrap reached out to the studio and said this, “Armie Hammer. Batman. Not true. I just checked with the studio. And now agency sourcing back up what the studio said.”