News Anchors Gone Wild – Female News Anchors Going Overboard

One should expect their local news anchors to conduct themselves in the highest professional capacity possible. News anchors deliver a broad range of news topics, from the worst and most gruesome stories to humorous and light-hearted stories. A person would not expect for their local anchor to become a news story that they would report on their respective stations. These ladies not only became news stories, but they have also boosted their own brand and gained at least 15 minutes of fame from their antics.

Alina Moine Gets a Little More Skirt Than Needed

The most unexpected things tend to occur on camera. There was a news segment that occurred with news presenter Alina Moine on live television and she could attest that accidents do indeed happen. An innocent adjustment of Aline’s garment led to an unexpected view of what lies underneath.


Alina Moine was covering the Olympics that took place in Rio De Janeiro on Fox Sports. She was standing by Maxi Palma. Maxi Palma was conducting the news segment as Alina was standing by. At one point in the program as Maxi is speaking, Alina adjust her dress, but she ends up catching what might have been a nail on her dress, which exposed her torso and undergarments.