Nerdy Actors That Turned Out To Be Total Heartthrobs

There are plenty of actors who’ve gained popularity as kids and teens by playing nerdy, dorky, or just all around unfavorable characters. Although those iconic dweebs and goofballs are what put these celebs on the radar, you’ll see that they’ve ditched the poofy hair, thick glasses, and awkward pre-teen bodies and grown into seductive adult heartthrobs. Just wait until you see which Harry Potter star was the least expected to grow up and become one of the hottest actors on the market!

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images (left), Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (right)

Before she was Melinda Gordon on Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt was on Disney Channel’s Kids Incorporated at the age of ten. Hewitt has been acting throughout her childhood but didn’t get her break until then. As the premiere variety show on Disney Channel throughout the early ’90s, you can bet that Hewitt had to play some dorky roles, especially as she neared her awkward preteen years. But after she left, she went on to star in I Know What You Did Last Summer and have her own previously-mentioned show, but one thing’s for sure she has certainly emerged into her stunning looks within that time!