Movin’ On Up With The Jeffersons: Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Beloved Sitcom

Created by the groundbreaking producer Norman Lear, The Jeffersons was a spin-off series from All In The Family and featured George and Louise Jefferson, a well-to-do African-American couple and their adventures in New York City. Like its parent show, The Jeffersons covered pressing social issues, but it was the more traditional of the two series as it focused more on exploring the relationships between its characters. The incredibly popular and beloved comedy TV series lasted a full decade. If you were just introduced to The Jeffersons after the show’s live reboot in 2019, read on to learn the backstory on the series and its stars.

It Was The Longest-Running Comedy With a Predominantly Black Cast of All Time

The Jeffersons/CBS
The Jeffersons/CBS

The Jeffersons began in 1975 and came to a close a decade later, in 1985. The show ran through 11 amazing seasons and featured more than 250 episodes. Amazingly, the spin-off actually outlasted its parent series which was canceled after nine seasons.

It also spent more time on the air than The Cosby Show which is another of America’s best-known comedies featuring a predominantly black cast. Additionally, The Jeffersons was one of the first television series to feature a married interracial couple.