Movies That Are Too Disturbing To Watch All The Way Through

Although some thrill-seekers watch scary or bizarre movies to evoke feelings of discomfort deep within themselves, at the end of the day, most films aren’t all that traumatizing. Most viewers are able to go on with their lives, having satiated their desire to add a little fear to their lives. However, there are some films that take things too far and are so over-the-top that to watch the whole thing would be nothing short of masochistic.

These films have such disturbing content that you’ll want to take a shower after watching them. Here are the films that are too disturbing to watch in their entirety… view at your own risk.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

The Human Centipede II
IFC Midnight
IFC Midnight

In 2009, the Dutch Horror film The Human Centipede took the world by storm. While it was utterly disturbing and nauseating to watch, director Tom Six wanted to make something even worse for his audience. The result was The Human Centipede II in 2011. The film focuses on a disturbed parking lot attendant named Martin who is obsessed with The Human Centipede.

He recreates his own version of the centipede, except this time he uses 12 people and he doesn’t have a lick of medical training. You can imagine how that went. The film is up close and personal in all of its gore and torture, with only the sickest of audiences making it all the way through.