Movies That Deserved Higher Scores From Rotten Tomatoes

When a movie is released, there’s a solid chunk of people who go straight for the Rotten Tomatoes score, seeking out what critics thought of the picture. From 0% to 100%, films can either be certified “fresh” or “rotten,” depending on where they fit on the scale.

That being said, sometimes people don’t agree with the percentage. Whether it be a cult classic like White Chicks with a 15%, or a Disney film like Atlantis with a 49%, some movies are deserving of a better Rotten Tomatoes score.

Space Jam: 43%

Space Jam
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Sorry, Rotten Tomatoes, but you’ve taken your rating system and have gone way too far with this particular classic. How can a movie that pairs some of the most famous cartoon characters ever with NBA legend Michael Jordan and comedic geniuses Bill Murray and Wayne Knight be anything other than marvelous?

Answer: it can’t be. And ’90s babies are here to tell the rating service that the movie deserves better than its low 43%.